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Assignment Detail:- CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice Assessment Part The aim of assessments is to test your knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to the topics being taught within a given course- This will be done by using an assessment criterion which shows what you need to do to achieve the appropriate level of competency- For the purpose of completing a written assessment, you are required to:• Complete each question, including any sub-questions;• Provide in-depth research on the topic, using appropriate primary and secondary sources;• Respond using a clear structure -e-g- Introduction, points of argument or fact, conclusion-, including references to the sources used-All assessments required to be completed are compulsory as it is a required condition of your enrolment- Assessment requirementsThe assessments within this document can be completed through several approaches such as:• Observation of real, indisputable actions as they occur;• Written or oral task such as reports, role play, work samples etc;• Portfolios;• Questions, or third-party evidence, in which the relevant document -observation document is to be completed by the agreed third party-All documents relating the third-party observation is to be provided to your trainer/assessor as this will be used in determining your level of competency- Third-party evidence can be obtained from supervisors -e-g-, from the workplace-, or clients/customers- Simulation diary -if required-:You will do the simulation tasks as a part of your course in the designated simulated environment-During the simulation session, the student is required to meet the following requirements:• Follow the dress standards -enclosed shoes, appropriate clothing -no shorts or skirts-• Be aware of relevant procedures in case of accident, emergencies, evacuation• Follow the start and finish times, breaks, work routines, etc-• Follow the policies on personal phone calls and personal emails-• The attendance for simulation sessions will be monitored as per ‘AIBTGlobal's Monitoring Student Attendance and Academic Progression policy and procedure-'• Students should follow the standards of behaviour and comply with ‘AIBTGlobal's Student Conduct Rules'-• Students should come prepared for the planned activities for simulation-Observation/demonstration/simulation -if required-: You may be required to perform tasks/works/assessments through observations, simulation, or demonstrations- Your trainer/assessor will provide you with a list of demonstrations, logbooks, simulation diary or any other related documents for tasks/works/assessments- The observation, simulation or demonstration can occur in the workplace, or the training environment such as workshop, or simulation labs- During observation, demonstration or simulation, you will be provided with necessary information -e-g-, timeframe- and equipment and/or materials to complete the task- You are required to perform the work, task or assessment in accordance with the required instructions- Attachment:- Reflective Journal-rar

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