Recruiting and selecting the right staff to perform the

Assignment Detail:- BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan Activity 1: When implementing the operational plan, there are five things you need to ensure you do- List them in the table below, then give a brief description of what they involve- Activity 2: Recruiting and selecting the right staff to perform the activities within your operational plan is crucial to the successful implementation of the operational plan The responsibility for placing an advertisement for new candidates is the supervisors for the departments that need new staff The Human Resources team may have developed a bank of questions and pre- screening processes that you may be able to use Human resources may be the most important resource for a large number of organisations and of little or no importance in a small business where the owner performs all the work It is important that local management responsible for operations plan for and obtain input from specialist resource managers All resources for a business need to be analysed to determine what is required in the way of such things as quality, quantity, time when needed and cost Finance is a key resource for all organisations and it often falls to operational staff to negotiate new finance facilities or drawdown against existing loan arrangements Activity 3: Think carefully about your workplace or a workplace you are familiar with- Do they monitor operational performance???? Briefly describe how they go about doing this/could go about doing this- -If you do not work in an organisation, briefly describe how you could go about doing this--  

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