Recognise the role of high level communication skills in

Assignment Detail:- Assignment: Position Paper Topic With reference to relevant and reliable sources, write an evidence based position paper on factors that need to be considered for sustainable retrofitting of university buildings for saving energy- Part description 1- Write an individual position paper of 1200 - 1500 words in response to the set topic and in accordance with the assessment criteria set out below- 2- Submit the paper using the template provided in Modules > Course Information > Assessment Overview > Assignment 5- 3- Complete the Argument Map included in the position paper template to show the premises and conclusions your position paper is based on- 4- You must use at least five sources in addition to any readings provided in MyUni- At least three of the other five sources must be academic- Other sources may be government, non- government organisation or industry publications- 5- You must use at least one figure or table as part of your discussion- Learning 1: recognise the role of high level communication skills in professional and research practiceLearning 2: recognise the effects of cultural background on communication idiomsLearning 3: communicate effectively in English in multi-cultural professional and academic contextsLearning 4: analyse and critically evaluate information obtained from diverse sourcesLearning 5: evaluate technical solutions that take into account environmental and societal considerations Introductioni- A clear statement of the topic is provided-ii- Appropriate contextual information is provided if necessary; any necessary definitions are provided-iii- A clear statement of an appropriate point of view addressing the topic is provided-iv- A clear outline of key issues as a logical framework for discussion is provided- Discussion Paragraphs - Structurei- Each issue is discussed in a separate paragraph-ii- Appropriate topic sentence-s- introduce each paragraph:a- the issue to be discussed in the paragraph is clear; any sub-issues are identified; the viewpoint of the paragraph is clear and is provided in propositional formb- any contextual information provided is relevant and necessary-iii- Paragraphs are cohesive and logically structured:a- appropriate sub-issues are identifiedb- the evidence presented for each sub-issue relates to that sub-issuec- issue and sub-issue headings are used and are consistent with the introduction and topic sentencesd- information moves from general to specifice- thematic progression is cohesive -old information before new-- Discussion Paragraphs - Use of Evidencei- The discussion presents a concise analysis and interpretation of the evidence in the cited sources-ii- Relevant and reliable evidence is referred to:a- at least five sources are found in addition to the set sources, three of which must be academic-iii- Evidence is well integrated into the discussion to support claims:a- evidence supports the discussion rather than forming the discussion; paraphrasing is appropriate and accurate; minimal use of direct quotes-iv- Figures or tables are appropriately presented, referenced and integrated into the discussion- Argumenti- The discussion in each paragraph presents a sound argument:a- all assertions support the viewpoint and sufficient evidence is provided to support the viewpoint-ii- The paper as a whole presents a sound argument:a- the viewpoint of each paragraph is consistent with the overall viewpointb- the stated findings are consistent with the discussion and support the viewpoint- Conclusion -Findings-i- A concise restatement of the viewpoint and a summary of key findings that reflects the structure of the discussion are provided-Argument Map: The Map presents a valid and sound argument; the Map reflects the Discussion- Use Harvard referencing style Attachment:- Position Paper-rar

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