Read and analyse relevant information on material standards

Assignment Detail:- CPCCBC5004A Supervise and apply quality standards to the selection of building Assessment Part - Observations / Demonstrations The assessment task is due on the date specified in your timetable which is the last date of the unit- Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor- This assessment is to be completed in the classroom / workshop / simulation setting at Harward International College- The required submission should be done by completing the work within the scheduled period for unit in accordance with instructions given below- This assessment requires you to demonstrate your ability to manage construction work by completing a significant work assignment- The assessor may provide the response, based on the observation -direct / indirect / supplementary- in the checklist -marking guide- given in this task-• Direct - such as an observation of workplace performance by an assessor• Indirect - such as a portfolio of evidence• Supplementary - such as supervisor reports- The task has assessment activities, designed to assess your skills, knowledge and performance, as required to show competency in this unit- You should complete these as stated below and as instructed by your trainer / assessor-Skills, knowledge and performance may be termed as: • Skills - skill requirements, required skills, essential skills, foundation skills• Knowledge - knowledge requirements, required knowledge, essential knowledge, knowledge evidence• Performance - evidence requirements, critical aspects of assessment, performance evidence-o provide correct guidance and instruction to workers/others in taskso monitor tasks and provide assistance to those being supervised, as requiredo verify that tasks have been completed and to the required quality standards- Systems development skills to ensure systems are developed to provide correct materials that meet appropriate standards for delivery and use on-site:o read and analyse relevant information on material standards and material handling and storage to assess requirementso identify activities and how these should be carried outo organise and prioritise task steps to ensure logical sequencing for the development of work systemso document work systems to communicate to others, including any necessary time factors in tasks- Section B: Knowledge Activity -Q & A- Objective: To provide you with an opportunity to show you have the required knowledge for this unit- The answers to the following questions will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of:• Alternative materials• Building and construction materials and technologies• Construction and contracting equipment and its use• Construction supply processes• Environmental effects on various building and construction materials• Relevant licensing arrangements• Testing procedures• Workplace safety requirements Answer each question in as much detail as possible, considering the organisational requirements for each one- You may use Response Guide provided in Part 1- 1- Provide four examples of alternative materials that can be used, stating what these can be used for- 2- Identify four types of building/construction materials commonly used in construction- 3- Explain what is meant by building technologies and identify one technology that you feel has improved construction working- 4- Identify four pieces of construction and contracting equipment and state how these are used- 5- Explain the construction supply process- 6- Provide four environmental factors that will impact on buildings and the materials used- 7- Identify five different types of licensing that you may need to have in place for construction work- 8- Explain what should testing procedures provide???? 9- Where can you find guidance on workplace safety requirements???? Section C: Performance Activity Objective: To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate the required performance elements for this unit- This activity will enable you to demonstrate the following performance evidence:• Identify building and construction materials specified in the project or contract documentation• Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with manufacturers and suppliers of materials• Test the materials to maintain quality standards on site• Apply effective sampling and record keeping processes• Use safe handling and materials storage techniques• Comply with organisational and legislative requirements Answer the activity in as much detail as possible, considering the organisational requirements- As a simulated workplace activity, you must work on and supervise workers in the selection of building and construction materials- This must be a commercial project, up to and including medium-rise projects- Your role is to manage and supervise the systems for acquiring building materials for the project; you must apply quality standards when selecting materials- This should cover an appropriate period of time as applicable to the construction project and to ensure demonstration of your ability in this role- You will need to access and use workplace resources and equipment and follow organisational documenting and reporting procedures associated with tasks- You must:• Identify the building and construction materials as specified in the project or contract documentation, this may include determining the appropriateness and availability of materials and identifying alternatives• Communicate with manufacturers and suppliers in both spoken and written communications with regards to the supply of building materials; this will include sourcing, costing, securing and transporting materials to the site• Communicate clearly with colleagues, workers and any relevant building specialists in a professional manner; this includes providing clear messages and instructions and ensuring language is inclusive of all persons• Test materials to ensure the correct materials and material quality standards; any materials that require confirmation of their quality and standards must be tested- This may involve supervising workers or undertaking this task yourself, depending on the organisation's requirements• Identify any materials that need testing with an independent accredited testing authority or laboratory• Use effective sampling and record-keeping processes throughout each stage of materials procurement, storage and testing• Ensure safe handling and materials storage techniques are used by you and all workers• Comply with the organisation's requirements and applicable buildings legislation, and make sure that those under your supervision also comply with these requirements- Attachment:- Observations-rar

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