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Assignment Detail:- ITECH 7401 Leadership in IT Project Management Project Management Blog PurposeTo encourage students to expand their thinking through reading and sharing of their ideas in a web 2-0 format used by many project managers- Assessment Details BackgroundA blog is a discussion or informational site published on the web consisting of regular entries or posts in chronological order- A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites- Many blogs focus on a particular topic; team blogs will focus on an area of project management leadership- Blogs are useful for first time and experienced project managers, and are widely used in the industry- The purpose of your project management leadership blog is to share the results of your research and investigations with other students, and gather their feedback regarding your thoughts and ideas- RequirementsEach individual student is required to select one -1- peer reviewed journal article from the list of four -4- journal articles provided on project management leadership related to the course -see below-- Each individual student is required to write a blog critically analysing their selected journal article, including an introduction, summary, analysis, and conclusion -approximately 1200-1500 words-- The review should be supported by references from the literature, demonstrating wider reading and critical thinking -approximately 6-10 references-- In addition, each individual student will be required to review one -1- other student's blog -approximately 100-150 words per review-- Reviews should provide a deep analysis of the critique as well as suggesting applications and consequences of the ideas presented- Select one -1- of the following articles: • Norrie, J-, & Walker, D- H- -2004-- A balanced scorecard approach to project management leadership-• Sutherland, J-, Viktorov, A-, Blount, J-, & Puntikov, N- -2007, January-- Distributed scrum: Agile project management with outsourced development teams-• Nasir, M- -2006, June-- A survey of software estimation techniques and project planning practices-• Oertig, M-, & Buergi, T- -2006-- The challenges of managing cross-cultural virtual project teams- A quality project management blog will be clearly articulated and professionally presented- It should demonstrate analysis, and a synthesis of content, knowledge, skills, and ideas acquired from lectures, tutorials and academic authors- It will include a well written introduction which catches the reader's attention, sets the scope of the blog, indicates the aims of the blog, and provides an overall plan for the blog- The summary should include a brief outline of the main ideas of the paper- The analysis should explain both the strengths and weaknesses of the key arguments and should be supported by evidence- The conclusion should revise the main ideas and include clear implications of your findings- ReferencingReference lists and in-text references should be presented in APA format: Attachment:- Leadership in IT Project Management-rar  

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