Public transportation problem in western subrub in

Assignment Detail:- Topic :- Public transportation problem in western subrub in Melbourne Part Description In this assignment students are required to research an approved topic in project management and give a 16 minute presentationon their approved topic- Topics must be approved by your tutor- On-campus students must work in a team formed within their tutorial/workshop class as they will be required to give the presentation to their tutorial/workshop class during the term- Distance education students may work on this assignment individually or in a team with other distance education students- Note:1- Content presented must extend the knowledge of the class -i-e- it should not be content that is already covered or scheduled to be covered in the unit-- However, the presentation can provide extension material on topics that are already coveredin the unit- 2- Students are required to find appropriate reference material -at least three, good, recent, relevant references- on their topic- 3- Students are required to relate their presentation to managing a project and explain the significance of the content to project management- Often this is best illustrated with examples from experience or actual project management scenarios- Assessment: Contribution Template Instructions:Prior to your next meeting, assign roles to the group members- There should only be two central roles• Organiser• Minute-taker Note:Roles should be rotated for each meeting and assigned so that everyone in the group has equal responsibility- Organiser - Organises the meeting by writing down the agenda items for discussionand distributes them to the members at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting prior to the meeting- Place ‘Agenda items' in this column Minute-taker - Documents the ideas and action points going forward during the meeting and distributes the completed template with a record of the agenda, attendees, details of the next meeting and current action list to the group members within 24 hours of the meeting-You can have your first meeting as soon as you finalise your group- Make sure every member of the group contributes towards the script and presentation- All members of the group are responsible for the whole of the presentation- Attachment:- Assessment-Details-rar

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