PUBH632:Public Health Law & Policy Assessment Task-

Public Health Law & Policy Assessment Task - Practice Reflection

Background - To complete the unit, a brief practice reflection task must be submitted. Students will reflect upon PUBH632 content in terms of:

(a) How it relates to and extends their existing knowledge and skills; and

(b) How they believe it will inform their future practice and support the man-eating relevant competency standards.

Purpose - To enable students to reflect upon their learning within the unit, and how it relates to competency standards for public health practice.

Instructions -

Your practice reflection is an opportunity to reflecton PUBH632 as a whole, and consider how it relates to practice. "Relates to practice" should be thought of in two ways: (1) relates to your past practice and existing knowledge/skills and (2) relates to your future career and practice, and the public health competency standards that under pin that.

For the purposes of this unit, you should consider the Foundation Competencies for Master of Public Health Graduates in Australia, with a focus on the Health Policy, Planning and Management area of practice (units of competency 10-13).

As in other units, the brief guide to reflective writing from Griffith Universitywill assist in organizing your submission.

Relevant PUBH632 learning outcomes:

Demonstrate specialised knowledge of public health law and policy in terms of function, importance and relevance to public health practice.

Evaluate the applicability and practical effects of public health legislative schemes to particular situations in public health practice, particularly those modifying the rights (or behaviours) of individuals.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar


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