Providing details of the child's date of birth; the number

Assignment Detail:- 7206EDN Child Development, Families and Communities - Griffith University In this course students combine their understanding of child development and learning theory by undertaking a Child Study- This requires us to use appropriate techniques for observing a young child aged from 6 months to 8 years of age by appropriately observing the child and recording this using appropriate methods- The information in the observations is then looked at more carefully to answer this main question: ‘What can I learn about the Study Child from them and their: identity; abilities and relationships????" By answering this main question, I hope to learn more about their communication and language, cognitive development, social development, emotional development, and physical development-I am writing to see if you would be interested in your child taking part- What does this mean for your child and yourself????If you decide to agree, it means:• Allowing me to observe your child in their usual home or education environment at times that suit your needs;• These observations will be about 1 hour to a maximum of 1-5 hours per day; no more than twice a week and over a maximum period of four weeks-• Providing details of the child's date of birth; the number of children in the family; the number of people in the household- No further confidential family information is required for this assignment-• Whilst most observations will be recorded by pen and paper, there is one requirement for an observation with a series of 3 photographs- In this case, any features that might identify you and especially your child will be covered- For example, all efforts will be made to not take photographs where your child's face can be seen but if this does happen, their face will be masked by later editing-• The photographs will only be used for inclusion in this assignment- They will not be used for any other purposes- You can request a copy of the photos if you would like to have them-• Only an electronic copy of the observations will be kept, and this will not be made available to any other person for any reason- The original papers will be destroyed-• I will not use your child's real name in the Child Study Report and I will give them a pseudonym -false name--• You can request a copy of the final Report once it has been marked and approved by my lecturer-• You will need to give your formal consent by signing the Consent Form- The involvement of your child -and then you- is entirely voluntary- There are no monetary benefits and you can withdraw at any time- Attachment:- Assessment - Information Letter-rar  

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