Provide an assessment of the application against the

Assignment Detail:- Part 1 - Planning Delegate Assessment Report Description of ProposalExamples only: proposed use and or development and what it includes- Subject Site and Existing Conditions• Site area:• Existing conditions of subject land and adjoining properties: To the north, south, east and west• Location map:• Site photograph/s: AssessmentProvide an assessment of the application against the relevant planning policy, provisions and decision guidelines: Conclusion Recommendation 1000 words Part 2 Fully opinion Base Description of the relevant aspects of documentation supplied with the application -ie the consultants' reports, particularly regarding planning matters- in terms of: - Do they interpret the planning scheme in a way that favours the applicant's interests???? - Explain your reasons / assessment in terms of achievement of overarching planning objectives- - Discuss the implications of your findings for planning officers in local government as opposed to planners in other areas -eg: private practice, state government, compliance etc- or for the range of other actors potentially interested in a planning application- Use examples illustrating this while referring to aspects of the documents, with reference to clauses and sections as appropriate, explaining your reasons and your assessment of this in terms of the achievement of overarching planning objectives- 1600 words Attachment:- Assessment Report-rar

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