Provide a short description of a major health issue in a

Assignment Detail:- Contextualising a health-related human rights issue Research-based Assignment Part Description: For this task you need to write a 1500-word report- The report will provide a short description of a major health issue in a population of your choice and offer an in-depth analysis of why you consider it to be a health-related human rights issue- Criteria & Marking: Background -political, historical, economic, and cultural context- of the chosen population and rationale for the chosen health issue Description of relevant human rights international agreements -covenants, treaties- in relation to the health issue -etc- Analysis of the human rights context: Has the country signed or ratified the relevant human rights agreements???? Does the country's policies support or contravene the human rights of the population???? Is the country in the position to address the issue, why, why not???? Recommendations-

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