Provide a brief summary of each member and what skills they

Assignment Detail:- Question 1: Client & Context -200 words-Provide an overview of the client- Describe current business operations, including both the external and internal context -e-g-, In which industry do they operate???? What is the business structure????-- Question 2- Problem, Objective & Deliverables -300-400 words- Answer the following questions: What is/are the problem-s- the client needs to solve???? What is the purpose of your project -i-e-, what is your project providing to your client-???? What will your project produce for the client???? Question 3- An Existing Information Systems and Technologies section -200-250 words- Outline existing Information systems and/or technologies that are relevant to your client, their product or service- This should include both the technologies the client currently has in place and those within industry that may affect the client- 1- Stakeholders and Communications -200-250 words-Provide a stakeholder and communications plan that addresses the following questions: Who has a vested interest in the project that you will undertake both internally and externally???? What is their role and what data and technology do they need to support their work at present???? How will this project affect their work???? What level of interest do they have in the project????The communications plan should be mapped to the stakeholders and provide an overview of when, how often and through which channels you will communicate with them- Question 4- Roles and Responsibilities -250-350 words-List the team members in your team and their roles- Provide a brief summary of each member and what skills they have that are appropriate to the role- Include an outline detailing the:- Project manager- Product Owner- Domain Expert -nominate the field in which they are an expert-- Customer Representative- Lead Business Analyst Question 5- Key Dates & Milestones -300 words or less with visual articulation of ideas- List the start and finish date for your project alongside all the milestones -i-e-, the due dates- associated with the project; a Gantt Chart would be appropriate- Attachment:- Project Plan-rar

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