Project wave energy at home - All of this energy is

Assignment Detail:- Question: Project wave energy at home 1- Background and Rationale for the project Hydrizon has developed technologies for wave energy- Hydrizon is now looking to make these technologies available for use in the home- Wave Energy Converters -WECs- convert waves to electricity-The world needs more renewably produced power-Water is used throughout every home and energy is involved-All of this energy is currently ignored and this project will demonstrate ways every household can capture energy from water uses-This project will look at enabling households to use wave energy converters in the bathroom, laundry and/or kitchen-The target users will be makers & households-Wave energy is a potential source of home made power- 2- Project goals and ObjectivesEasy to use & build Wave Energy Converters -WECs--WECs in use in bath, basin, washing machines, sink & elsewhere in house-WECs ready for households to consider using for energy production at home- 3- Desired Outcomes/DeliverablesDifferent WEC prototypes in useWECs able to be used in bath, basin &/ sinkWECs producing electricity from household water activitiesRecord resultsPresent results for use by Hydrizon in engaging households & makers in home made wave power first search 6 article 6 images with proper referencing -based on bath tub toys- In your own words a summary 2 lines for each article-

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