Assignment : (1800-2200 words)


Objectives: To ensure adequate supply of manpower and ensure proper use of existing human resources in the organization and forecast future requirement of human resource with different levels of skills required Assignment 85% number of words 1800-2200 and progress report 15% number of words 450-550 words.

I. Introduction
- Comprehensive, relevant, and coherent concepts relating to the topic with appropriate in-text citations of the sources of data and information using Harvard Referencing System. [In two (2) paragraphs]

- Clearly stated Objective/s or Statement of the Problem [In one (1) paragraph]
- 225-275 words

II. Literature Review
- Logical organisation of literatures and materials relating and directly addressing the topic, problem, or objectives of the study with evidence of a wide range of appropriate readings in the selected subject area.
- Proper in-text citations of the sources of literatures presented
- Relevant analysis and interpretations of the cited literatures with a clear link to the current study. Use graphics, tables, charts to substantiate discussion
- Valid, clear, and relevant arguments of the cited literatures
- 1350 -1650 words

III. Conclusion
- Highlight the key concepts presented in the introduction and literature review
- Reflect on how the problem, and the objective have been addressed in the study.
- Leave 5 line spaces after the last line of the conclusion and write: Total Number of Words:
- 225-275 words

IV. References
- In separate page/s after the conclusion
- References must be of recent editions - 2005 editions to current editions (not older than 2005 editions)
- Observe Harvard Style
- Categorize the references as shown below and alphabetically arranged in each category.
o Books
o Journals
o Magazines
o Newspaper
o Websites

V. Format

a. Cover Page
- Name of Module and Module Code
- Title of the Project Assignment
- Name of Student and ID Number
- Semester and Academic Year

b. Font and Font Size
- Times New Roman font
o Title and Headings - size 13, Bold face
o Text size 12, normal font face

c. Alignment
- Justify on both sides
- Leave a space in between paragraphs
- Use 1.0" margins on all sides

d. Similarity
- Observe 2% - 10% similarity index

e. Language Proficiency
- Be careful with grammar, spelling, spaces, and use of punctuations


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