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Assignment Detail:- PROG6002 Programming Internet of Things - Southern Cross University Assignment 1 Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to write a simple IoT platform- Your task in brief: • Fresh Fruit Markets -FFM- is a company that operates Australia with one distribution centre in located in each estate capital in Australia- FFM decided to use the Internet of Thing to get competitive advantage against other fruit and veggies sellers providing real time information about their products to ensure their customers are getting the best value possible when buying their products- • FFM is searching for a IoT solution capable of monitoring the temperature and humidity of their products from farm to their shopping counters- Design an IoT solution for FFM throughout week 1 to week 3- Include information about the frameworks, standards, device types and topology adopted before justifying of your choice- • Write a report detailing information about:a- The IoT Framework of your choice;b- The IoT Standards/Protocols adopted;c- List with minimum 3 types of Devices/Things to be connected to the network and the reason for connecting those specific devices;d- The network diagram of your solution with minimum but not limited to 10 device and 1 server, all connected to the internet- • Write a simple program to generate some sample outputs from your system- -e-g- visualisation, text, or numbers-- Assignment 2 Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to implement an IoT simulated environment- Your task in brief:• Based on the knowledge that you have obtained from Assignment 1, choose any area from IoT and develop a program to simulate the data pipeline from input -e-g- sensors- to ouput- • Implement your own IoT solution project on a simulated environment -or using a real device-- Record an approximated 10 minutes demonstration of your IoT solution for the Fresh Fruit Market and submit it with your report- • Write a report detailing information about:a- A brief introduction explaining the benefits brought by IoT platforms; b- The IoT platform launch process; c- The virtual/real devices registration process; d- Registered devices check to successfully connected network; e- Red-Node program showing nodes diagram connected; f- Visualisation dashboard showing sensors/simulation data in real-time; g- Conclusion- Assignment 3 Your task in brief:• Write a critical analysis of report of your project in Assignment 2- Explain what works and what aspect that you can improve further- • Briefly explain potential threats that might occur in your simulated envinronment- • Discuss the process adopted for you to secure your environment and what type of tests performed- Attachment:- Programming Internet of Things-rar

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