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Assignment Detail:- MIS611 Capstone Case Study - Giverly Project Plan Learning Outcome 1: Analyse relevant industry challenges to support the development of IS solutions for addressing specific organisational problems- Learning Outcome 2: Produce the appropriate documentation aligned to the project delivery methodology to evidence project progress with project stakeholders- Learning Outcome 3: Integrate professional and SMART skills to complete individual and team tasks in collaboration with team members to develop a robust solution that meets stakeholder needs- Assessment Part This assignment is designed to provide you with a true-to-industry business-project experience- This project plan will form the basis of the client report you will produce by the end of the trimester- All successful projects should begin with a plan and resource allocation, which have been agreed to by all team members- In this 1,500-word document, you will establish the parameters of your report, including the milestones- ContextThis trimester you will actively contribute to a project team to deliver a business solution for a client- You will be provided with a client case study or business challenge for which you will provide recommendations via the completion of these assessments- The assessment format is modelled on industry practice, and the subject is designed to leverage your knowledge of information systems management and industry techniques to help you transition to industry- All teams will complete one project focused on a client's brief-In completing this assessment, you will demonstrate key business/industry skills, including:- Listening skills, including an ability to listen, understand and interpret client requirements;- Communication skills, including an ability to succinctly and accurately deliver recommendations and outcomes;- Team-work skills, including an ability to work in a team, negotiate and deliver outcomes;- Creative problem-solving skills; and- Processing and implementation skills, including an ability to process and action new information in a timely manner to produce outcomes- Part SummaryThis Capstone subject is designed to simulate an industry experience- All the assessments delivered are to be based on a client/organisation case study that your lecturer will provide to you- The structure of the assignments is designed to simulate a real-world client/organisation project- The assessments will be completed sequentially and build on each other to deliver a final report and recommendation to the client/organisation- The structure for the assignments is as follows: 1- Each Week: From Week 2 -when your groups have been formed- you will deliver a project status report each week, present this status report to your lecturer in a one-on-one session and minute the outcomes- A copy of each status report and meeting minutes from weeks 2- 10 inclusive are to be included as attachments as part of Assessment 3-2- First Phase: Assessment 1-In the first phase, your team will develop your project plan- This will provide the structure and framework through which your team will develop Assessments 2 and 3- In addition, it will provide an overview of your understanding of your client and its key stakeholders- The details of Assessment 1 are included in this document-3- Second Phase: Assessment 2-In the second phase, your group will develop and deliver two milestone reports for the case client/organisation-In Milestone 1, you will outline the client requirements, scope and customer profiles within the empathise and define phases of design thinking-In Milestone 2, you will develop and deliver a prototype solution to the case organisation/client- Milestone 1 MUST be included as an attachment to Milestone 2-4- Third Phase: Assessment 3-In the third phase, you will present your final recommendations/solutions to the client/organisation representative-You will deliver a final project report that incorporates the feedback that has been provided to you over the trimester- All status reports and meeting minutes -from weeks 2-10- must be included as attachments to this assignment- Part Instructions To complete this assessment task, you must complete the following sections and deliver a project plan based on the client case study or brief provided- The word limits are provided as a guide only- 1- Form and register a team-• Form a team comprising five members• The deadline for team registration is 11-45 pm AEST, Friday, end of Module 1-2 -Week 2--• To register your team, send your lecturer an e-mail with ‘MIS611 Team Registration' in the subject line- In the body of the e-mail, list the names and student identification numbers of all the members in your team-• You are required to send the registration e-mail to your facilitator before the registration deadline-• After the registration deadline, those students who are not in a team will be allocated to a team by the lecturer-• You must complete a team contract detailing the roles and responsibilities of each team member- This is to be signed by each team member and provided to your lecturer no later than the end of module 2-1 -Week 3-- 2- Review your subject notes to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies to the case- Reread any relevant readings for this subject- 3- Read the case organisation/client brief provided by the lecturer Review your subject notes from the course to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies to the case- Re-read any relevant readings for this subject- Before you start writing, refer back to Assessment 1 in which you planned your approach for the assessments- MIS608 Agile Project Management and PROJ6000 Project Management may contain relevant information- 4- Consider using graphical representation- The graphical representation of ideas and diagrams in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams and models is encouraged- These must be anchored in the context of the material and explained and justified if they are to be included- No executive summary is required- 5- Ensure your Project Plan adopts the following structure: • Title pageState the subject code and name, assignment title, students' names, students' numbers and your lecturer's name- • Client & Context -200 words-Provide an overview of the client- Describe their current business operations, including both the external and internal context -e-g-, In which industry do they operate???? What is the business structure????-- • Problem, Objective & Deliverables -300-400 words-Answer the following questions: What is/are the problem-s- the client needs to solve???? What is the purpose of your project -i-e-, what is your project providing to your client-???? What will your project produce for the client???? • An Existing Information Systems and Technologies section -200-250 words- Outline existing Information systems and/or technologies that are relevant to your client, their product or service- This should include both the technologies the client currently has in place and those within industry that may affect the client- • Stakeholders and Communications -200-250 words-Provide a stakeholder and communications plan that addresses the following questions: Who has a vested interest in the project that you will undertake both internally and externally???? What is their role and what data and technology do they need to support their work at present???? How will this project affect their work???? What level of interest do they have in the project????The communications plan should be mapped to the stakeholders and provide an overview of when, how often and through which channels you will communicate with them- • Roles and Responsibilities -250-350 words-List the team members in your team and their roles- Provide a brief summary of each member and what skills they have that are appropriate to the role- Include an outline detailing the: - Project manager- Product Owner- Domain Expert -nominate the field in which they are an expert-- Customer Representative- Lead Business Analyst • Key Dates & Milestones -300 words or less with visual articulation of ideas-List the start and finish date for your project alongside all the milestones -i-e-, the due dates- associated with the project; a Gantt Chart would be appropriate- Format of the ReportThe report should use 11-point Arial or Calibri font, be 1-5-line spaced for ease of reading and display page numbers at the bottom of each page- If diagrams or tables are used, attention should be given to pagination to avoid the loss of meaning and continuity by unnecessarily splitting information over two pages- Any diagrams must be appropriately captioned- ReferencingIt is expected that you reference any lecture notes used and any additional sources in the relevant subject area based on your readings and further research- It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Project_Plan - Capstone-rar

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