Produce a report to advise the organisations Australian

Assignment Detail:- MGT5OBR Organisational Behaviour - La Trobe University Assignment This group assignment requires you to apply theoretical concepts covered in MGT5OBR to a fictional business- This task gives you the opportunity to work collaboratively and to develop team-based skills- Your team needs to work together to share the work and produce a single team assignment- All team members will receive the same mark- Every member of the team is responsible for the assignment- Assessment PartYou will be acting as a team of consultants to a fictional global engineering and construction company- The firm is comparable to Fluor Corporation- Your task is to produce a report to advise the organisation's Australian unit -a business comparable to Fluor Australia- on what should be done to effectively manage employees- This assignment requires you to do research- Your task is to draw on organisational behaviour theory and use it to critically analyse key issues concerning the management of employees at your fictional business and make recommendations to improve its performance with respect to the management of employees- In the report you need to:• Briefly describe the fictional firm• Identify and analyse four key issues concerning the management of its employees• Provide recommendations The report should have the following sections:1- Title page 2- Table of contents 3- Introductiono State the purpose of the report-o Briefly describe your fictional business- Choose a name for it and in your description focus on aspects relevant to your subsequent analysis-For instance, we know motivation is contingent on the types of employees- If you choose to talk about motivation, you might describe the type of employees at your fictional business-o Provide a brief overview of the report- 4- Issue analysis and recommendationo Identify and analyse four -4- key issues concerning the management of employees- Analyse each key issue using one organisational behaviour theory or concept- The issues selected must be spread across at least 3 of the subject's modules- For each of the identified key issues, provide recommendations for the Australian unit of the fictional business- Explain and clarify using concrete examples- o For each of the identified key issues, briefly describe the chosen theory or concept, then explain in detail why and how it is relevant for the management of employees of your fictional business- Finally, draw specific and actionable recommendations-For instance, you may identify employee motivation as one key issue- To analyse the issue, you might select one motivation theory from Module 3- You would briefly describe the theory- You would then explain in detail why this theory is relevant for the employees of your fictional business, and how you will use the theory to improve motivation- Finally, you would draw specific and actionable recommendations for the Australian unit of your fictional business- 5- Conclusion- Summarise the report findings- 6- Reference list- You need to use the APA 6th Referencing style- As a general guide, coverage of each of the four issues -with recommendations- should be roughly equal in word count- The conclusion should be approximately 10% of the length of the paper- The introduction will likely be longer than a standard 10% of the paper because it needs to include a detailed description of your fictional business- Attachment:- Organisational Behaviour-rar

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