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Assignment Detail:- PRL201 Content Creation for Social Media - Torrens University Australia Assessment - Social Media Strategy Proposal Learning Outcome 1: Analyse the new media landscape and social media strategies Learning Outcome 2: Create engaging multimedia content using a range of social media platforms to reach target publics Learning Outcome 3: Analyse, evaluate and adapt social media campaigns Assessment Context: In this individual assessment, you are required to analyse the current social media efforts of a client or organisation of your choice and consider the new media available to develop a social media proposal- You are also to consider key trends in the current social media marketing environment affecting the chosen organisation and use this to guide strategy development- The three assessments in this subject are based on the organisation you choose in Assessment 1- You present a social media strategy proposal in Assessment 1 which outlines your ideas for content development and an implementation plan- In Assessment 2 you develop the actual posts based on the ideas presented in the proposal, taking on any relevant feedback- The posts must be created on the social platforms identified in the proposal- Assessment 3 is a reflective analysis and evaluation of the whole process- The types of organisations you could choose from could be:1- A local café or hospitality outlet2- A local retail outlet3- A non-government organisation -NGO-, a not-for -profit -NFP- or a charity4- A family business5- A local community organisation /club6- A new business start-up7- A local event8- Any small or medium size business NB: Do not choose a large company that already has a strong and established online presence- Option 1: Working with a real client directly with access to their social media platformsChoose a small or medium size business, which you have direct access to work with- This will allow you to work with its social media platforms and request permission to post on behalf of the organisation- By choosing this option you will be gaining a practical understanding of how to deal with a real client and its needs, identification of real target audiences, and a realistic evaluation of online engagement- Option 2: Selecting a real business but setting up hypothetical social media platformsIf you have no access to work directly with a real organisation for the purposes of this assessment, choose an existing business that requires improvement with its social media presence and base your proposal around this- It may be in an industry you are interested in working in- In this option, you would set up new social media platforms and use your own name and the code of this subject to identify the social media accounts -e-g- Your Name - PRL201-- The information would be based on a real business but your posts are in a hypothetical social media setting-NB: With this option, you must delete the profiles at the completion of receiving final marks for the subject-For both options, a deep understanding of target audiences is required to ensure the social media proposal and respective posts are engaging and relevant to the public -s--Assessment Instructions: • Choose from the two options to develop the social media proposal• The proposal should include sufficient material to use as a pitch to a client in order to sell the strategy to them-• The client you choose will be carried through ALL the assignments for this subject-• In the social media strategy proposal, you must include:a- Cover pageb- Table of contentsc- Introductiond- Brief background of the cliente- SWOT Analysis of current social media efforts of the client and media landscape -Opportunities and threats should be referenced-f- Identification of appropriate target audience-s- and a profile createdg- Social media strategy objectivesi- At least four -4- SMART objectivesh- Detailed social media plan, including:i- Selection of social media platforms and a brief justification-ii- Content development concepts/themes for each platform- These creative social media content strategies should be justified with relevant theory and links to best practice from facilitated classes, essential readings and your own research- iii- Implementation schedule including dates, time of posting, frequency, tone of voice and suggested topics- Please refer to the content creation list for content development ideas and also the social media planner for implementation-A minimum of two -2- social media platforms must be proposed-A minimum of two -2- posts a week -for 5 weeks- must be included in the proposal -i-e-, one post for each platform per week as a minimum--Posting will occur over weeks 6 to 10 inclusive -see Assessment 2 briefi- Briefly outline your intended evaluation & analytic tools and relevant metrics that could be used to measure the success of your strategies- Hint: consider what you are trying to achieve in your objectives- j- References -APA Referencing-- Attachment:- Content Creation for Social Media-rar

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