Presentation on Risk management - Roles should be rotated

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Presentation topic : Risk management Meeting records: Instructions:Prior to your next meeting, assign roles to the group members- There should only be two central roles• Organiser• Minute-taker Note:Roles should be rotated for each meeting and assigned so that everyone in the group has equal responsibility- Organiser - Organises the meeting by writing down the agenda items for discussionand distributes them to the members at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting prior to the meeting- Place ‘Agenda items' in this column Minute-taker - Documents the ideas and action points going forward during the meeting and distributes the completed template with a record of the agenda, attendees, details of the next meeting and current action list to the group members within 24 hours of the meeting-You can have your first meeting as soon as you finalise your group- Make sure every member of the group contributes towards the script and presentation- All members of the group are responsible for the whole of the presentation- Click here to read the detailed requirement specifications for this assessment item- This includes: - Detailed marking criteria for this assessment item- Note that to be awarded marks for this assessment item you must give your presentation in the scheduled tutorial class- In addition, your team meeting documentation must also be submitted in Moodie before marks can be awarded Marks will be adjusted if any member of the team has not contributed sufficiently to the work- Appendix A: Suggested presentation topics Appendix B: Presentation structure Appendix C: Additional advice and notes on delivery of presentation- Recording your PresentationClick here for documentation with instructions describing how to record your presentation in zoom and obtain a shareable link- One member of the group -and only one member- must submit the following files: A detailed script for your presentation --DOC or -DOCX format-- Download the script template here- A PowerPoint file of approximately1 6 slides prepared on the chosen topic- -For a 16 minute presentation- A Word document with the shared link to the group's zoom recording of the presentation -called RecordingLink-doc-- The completed member contribution/meeting records template- Download the contribution/meeting template here- Note that if, due to special circumstances, you have to work on your own, please keep a diary/log of your progress and submit Attachment:- Producing_a_recording_of_your_PowerPoint_Presentation-rar

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