Presentation on case report - Your presentation needs to be

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part: Project Presentation Instructions: For this assessment, please provide a recording of your group presentation- You are to present the case report -Assessment 3- as a group- Each member of the group should be part of the presentation- Your group is required to give a 6-8 minute group presentation, with visual aids and 'voice' as a minimum requirement- Your presentation needs to be effectively structured, flow well and have the right number of slides with content to meet the time requirement- You can provide this video recording using any method- If you are not providing a video of the presenter-s-, the presenter-s- must state their name-s- in the recorded presentation so that we can identify who is speaking- One method for creating the recording is as follows:With PowerPoint: Instructions for 'voice' insertion: In PowerPoint, click on 'insert' tab then over towards right hand side there is Audio with a symbol- Click on arrow and select 'record audio' then provide name and press red button and record, then 'OK'- You should then see on your power-point slide the 'audio' symbol which if you hover your mouse over, you can select the arrow and replay what you have recorded- You can stop here, save and submit the PowerPoint file, or take it further to convert it into a video file for submission- It is expected that all group members will contribute equally to all aspects of the presentation and therefore each group member will receive the same mark- However, if there is significant differences in contribution, this needs to be highlighted to Lecturer early in the process so that interventions can be deployed- It is anticipated that students will be able to self-manage this situation- However, if this is not the case, the Lecturer may need to intervene and has the right to allocate different marks to each student- Attachment:- Case Study Analysis and Reporting Structure-rar  

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