Presentation of the Operational Plan Assessment - present

Assignment Detail:- BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assessment - Presentation of the Operational PlanAn operational plan defines how it will operate in practice to implement its action and monitoring plans:Students are to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders -Team members- to explain the plan and supporting information, seek approvals negotiate variations with your stakeholders -Trainer- and your team members-In this task students are to present their operational plan to other team members who are then to discuss if there are any variations to the plan that might need to be adjusted-Students will be required to report on the feedback received which needs to be signed off by both the trainer and the team members they presented their operational plan to-What are students to complete in this assessment:» Students are to ensure that they schedule a time to present their operational plan, so the trainer can observe the presentation-» Students are to present their operational plan in a professional manner by using a Power Point presentation-» Student needs to ensure that their presentation is signed off by the team member they did the presentation too-» Students are to record their feedback from the team members on their operational plan» Students need to have their observation signed off by the trainer for approval-

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