Presentation of Resolution of Risk Management - Resolution

Assignment Detail:- BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area Part: Presentation of Resolution of Risk Management Your assessor will observe you as youpresent information to required personnel about the resolution of risk management of at least one risk in the work area- Required personnel refer to duty holders within the work area who were consulted and/or participated in managing the resolved risk- Information provided can be based on the risk management conducted in Workplace Project Part 3 and Workplace Project Part 4 or any other recently concluded risk management conducted in the work area- You will be assessed on your practical skills to: • Present information about consultation and participation outcomes to at least one relevant personnel according to consultation arrangements outlined in the WHS Management Plan completed in Workplace Project Part 2-If you are providing information based on a risk management process conducted in your organisation, then you must access documents of consultation and participation used throughout the risk management process and documents that provide the outcomes of the risk management- • Presents information on the resolution of risk management using structure and language suitable for the audienceReview Workplace Project Part 6 - Observation Form before starting this task- This form outlines all the practical skills you need to demonstrate to satisfactorily complete this task- Your assessor will also discuss with you the practical skills outlined in this form prior to the assessment- IMPORTANT!If you are providing information on a risk management conducted in your organisation, you must submit copies of documents of consultation with required personnel and results of risk management processes-

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