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Assignment Detail:- Presentation Activity Networking and Cyber Security Preparation This pre-assessment activity requires you to prepare a 10 minute presentation which you will then deliver to the panel during your interview- Scenario You have been asked by your Head Teacher to present to a group of new students -the interview panel- who have just commenced their Certificate IV in your discipline area- You should assume that your target group are new to IT and are just getting introduced to their course and topic areas- The intent of this task is so that the selection panel can learn about you, your knowledge and achievements whilst working in the IT industry- The Part You are required to complete a 10 minute presentation to present to a group of students -the panel-, Please select one of the 5 key topic areas listed below- Topics 1- What is the difference between a switch and a router???? 2- What is subnetting???? What techniques would you use to ensure this topic is understood???? 3- Describe the OSI model and why it is important???? 4- What is the difference between an IP number and a MAC address???? 5- What would be the ping 192-168-20-17 if the following configurations applied a- Access-list 105 permit ip 192-168-20-0 0-0-0-255 b- Access-list 106 permit tcp 192-168-20-0 0-0-0-255c- Access-list 107 permit ip 192-168-20-0 0-0-0-254d- Access-list 108 permit ip 192-168-0-0 0-0-0-255 In your presentation, please address the following;• Expand on and explain your knowledge and understanding of your selected topic area• How have you applied your knowledge of the topic area in to your work in industry- Please provide specific examples• What trends and changes do you see coming in the IT space over the next 5 years and how this will impact students and those just starting out in the IT profession The panel may ask you questions throughout your presentation- Please create your presentation using any program in the Microsoft office suite- Following your presentation to the panel, you will be asked to forward a copy of your presentation to them- Attachment:- Presentation Activity Networking-rar

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