Prepare to develop emotional intelligence - Reflect on and

Assignment Detail:- BSBPEF502 Develop and use emotional intelligence Part - Prepare to develop emotional intelligence You have been engaged as anMMI Professional Education consultant to support emotional intelligence development in departmental managers- SummaryYou are required to: 1- Prepare to develop emotional intelligence2- Develop emotional intelligence3- Promote the development of emotional intelligence in others Complete the following activities: This task is designed to prepare you to support others in developing emotional intelligence and promote emotional intelligence in the workplace- To complete this task, you will assume that your class is the MMI's workplace, and therefore some of your classmates will play the role of MMI's departmental managers when required and as instructed- Part 2-1 Develop awareness of own emotional intelligence A- Evaluation criteriaDevelop four -4- criteria for assessing emotional strengths and weaknesses-B- Learning JournalAs a leader, you must lead by example- Furthermore, when supporting others in developing emotional intelligence, you should be aware of your emotional strengths and weaknesses-This task will assist you in self-assess your emotional intelligence, helping you to determine areas for improvement-Complete a learning journal -Template 1- by week 3 of class-Template 1 - Learning journal 1- Emotional Diary Keep a diary for three days- For each day:• Document events related to your current workplace, your behaviour and the behaviour of others at work• If you have not worked that day, document significant events from your daily life and interact with others• Reflect on your diary entry at the end of each dayNote: overall, the diary should cover both your personal and professional life-For each day, address all the following points:• Describe the event and/or behaviour• Describe any interaction with others• Describe the feelings you felt• Reflect on and describe the impact the event and/or behaviour had on you -positive and negative feelings-• Reflect on and describe what impact you had on other people -positive and negative feelings-• Reflect on what may have caused/triggered a positive and/or negative emotion in you At the end of the three days, read the diary and reflect on the following:• What emotional strengths and weaknesses have you shown????• What personal stressors can you identify -in both your personal and professional life-????• What personal/emotional triggers can you identify???? What caused an emotion????• What impact did your feelings have on you, and how did you handle them???? 2- Past event Think about a past event in your lifethat impacted you- Reflect on the event following the guidelines below:• Describe the event• Describe the emotions you felt; use the range of emotions listed• Describe how the event impacted on you• Describe your behaviour in that situation• Reflect on and identify any emotional strengths or weaknesses that you displayed• Reflect on and identify any personal stressors or emotional triggers that you might have experienced in that situation• Identify any impact that your behaviour and/or emotional response might have had on others, both during and after the event occurred• Reflect on and describe how you could have changed your behaviour to reach a better outcome• Reflect on and describe how you could have better managed your emotions to reach a better outcome• Reflect on and describe what you could do to improve your behaviour in similar circumstancesSummarise your reflection below- 3- Feedback from othersAsk 3 of your friends and colleagues to provide you with feedback about three of your emotional strengths and your emotional weaknesses-Reflect on the responses that you have received and address the following:• Is there anything that surprised you????• Is there anything that you disagree with????• How can you use this feedback to improve your emotional strengths and weaknesses????-50-100 words- 4- Tests Complete the following tests:TEST 1 Do You Lead with Emotional Intelligence????TEST 2Test you EI- how well do you read otherTEST 3Test your personality - Myers-BriggsWhat is your Myers-Briggs personality????TEST 4Test your personality -DISC testWhat is your DISC personality???? Part 2-2 Plan to develop emotional intelligence in the workplace Review the Case-Study scenario in Appendix 1-A- Emotional stressorsIdentify and analyse four -4- potential emotional stressors in the workplace, and identify strategies and methods for responding to them-B- Opportunities to express thoughts and feelings in the workplace 1- Identify three -3- opportunities for departmental managers to express their thoughts and feelings in the workplace-2- Develop an action plan -Template 2- to implement the identified opportunities--5-6 key actions--3- Promote one of the opportunities by developing a social media post for the company's FB page-The post can be as simple as content +picture-

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