Prepare and Present Organisational Mission, Vision and

Assignment Detail:- BSBCMM511 Communicate with influence Assessment Part 1: Prepare and Present Organisational Mission, Vision and Values Description: Organisational mission and vision statements are foundation of the planning process as they reflect organisation's business intent, commitment and future direction- In this assessment task, you will be required to develop and present mission and vision for an organisation of your choice in a leadership role play- Assume that your organisation is a start-up organisation and you feel the need to establish/re-enforce your organisation's mission and vision to set its purpose and future direction- You may assume the role of a senior manager or executive- The class audience will play the role of organisational stakeholders -multi-cultural- for the purpose of the task- The focus of this task is on the leadership aspect of your presentation- It is expected that; You will prepare a formal presentation for delivery to organisational stakeholdersAssume your role as a senior manager -leadership role-Presentation should be structured, consistent and maintain a logical flow of contentsPresentation delivery and style focussed on "persuading" the audienceClear and focussed delivery, control of the subject matter and self-confidenceInteraction with the audience, allowing questions, feedback and comments For the required context, you may use your existing or previous organisation as an example- Students who have not worked in an organisation may choose one of the known organisations or conceive their own organisation- However, due care must be taken to avoid plagiarism and use of ready materials from existing or public domain organisations- Originality must be maintained in all the works- Selection of organisation must be approved by the trainer/assessor- Accordingly, complete the following; Choose/conceive an organisation and complete the following; Write a brief introduction of the organisation -1-2 paragraphs-Develop a mission statement Develop a vision statementCore values and explanation of how the core values underpin the mission Support your rationale behind these statements by providing a brief explanation, including the purpose and target audience- Presentation: With a realisation that leadership presence and direction is required for conveying and establishing organisational mission and vision, make a formal presentation of your statements to the class audience -stakeholder role-play- in your role as a business leader- Allow for question and answers and make notes of any critical feedback received- Duration: 15-20 minutesEnsure that you develop and deliver your presentation assuming a multi-cultural organisational audience and maintain the required focus, attention and presentation style- Report Write a brief report in a reflective style, outlining your experience, and what it would mean in a real- world leadership context -if you had to actually deliver it to a real-life audience-- Discuss potential barriers to implement critical messages/organisational communication in your understanding, and based on your presentation experience, and, in a leadership, how would you overcome such barriers- Assessment Criteria The following assessment criteria will be used for marking this assessment task- Ensure that you have addressed all of the criteria in your work- Organisation selection is appropriate and approved by the trainer/assessorOrganisation brief provides adequate information about the organisation and its activitiesMission statement is appropriately devised and indicative of organisation's business and purposeVision statement is appropriately devised and reflects long term direction of the organisationSupportive explanation reflects understanding of development of mission and vision statementsAppropriate references are used where applicableDiscussed the purpose and context of the presentationPresentation was structured and cohesive in content and layoutEffectively used a range of per presentation aidsSelected and maintained appropriate communication method and style based on audience orientationAdopted and maintained a style reflective of a leadership roleDemonstrated the ability to pace, tone, and control the presentation based in audience reaction and responseMaintain eye contact and positive body languageDemonstrated, and was able to use, persuasive arguments and reasoning to convey and enhance key points and messagesMaintained interaction with the audience in respectful mannerAllowed for questions and provided satisfactory answers in a two-way process of communicationProvided a reflective report encompassing overall experienceIdentified potential communication barriers in a real-life context and suggested strategies to overcome such barriersReport includes an analysis of audience feedbackDiscussed own leadership and communication development opportunities through reflectionMaintain and submitted all the required documents and recordsDemonstrated knowledge of communication methods appropriate for multi-cultural and diverse audiences Assessment Part 2: Prepare and Conduct a Staff Meeting: New Product Strategy Description: In a report by Harvard Business Review, more than 70% of the 182 senior managers surveyed agreed that said meetings are unproductive and inefficient- Respondents said meetings keep them from completing their own work -65%-, come at the expense of deep thinking -64%-, and miss opportunities to bring the team closer together -62%-- Similarly, A study by Microsoft showed that unclear objectives, lack of team communication and ineffective meetings are among the top time wasters that workers around the world say make them feel unproductive for as much as a third of their workweek on average -Business Weekly, 2018-- Context and Instructions In this assessment task, you will need to plan, prepare and lead a meeting playing the role of an organisational staff meeting to discuss a confidential new project- Your trainer/assessor will play the role of the Director- Confidentiality aspect of the meeting is critical as the proposed -assumed- product strategy is unique in the market and the company wishes to protect is business and intellectual property interests- To support this, a sample Privacy and Confidentiality Policy document will be provided- To provide the required context, the following business scenario is provided; Sample Pty Ltd is start up information technology company developing enterprise software and cloud-based solutions for private, government and community organisations- The company responds to client and market needs and requirements and invests in tailored technology solutions for its clients- The new technology is also leveraged in creating further solution and related cross-industry products- The unique intellectual proposition of the company means that the company has a confidential and innovative methods of writing code snippets and modules and then compiling them to create a number of different products and solutions- In the current year, the company has embarked upon creating a new software for one of the large government organisations and is looking for internal staff feedback and suggestions in the trial phase- The project has recently hit the snag as; Some of the programmers have stopped work demanding higher pay rateThe client wants the project tested before making a full payment -only an initial payment of 20% has been made-The company needs to borrow funds at a high interest rate to fund the developmentsThe company is thinking about removing some of the identification and security features, which are expensive third-party products, to reduce cost Your stance As a senior manager, you need to decide on your own stance on the above problems - and have a clear objective in mind- Accordingly, you need to persuade and guide the meeting discussion- Part Considering the above scenario and business needs, complete the following tasks; Prepare a meeting agenda -state meeting purpose-Send a copy of your meeting to the Director -trainer/assessor roleplay- and the nominated participants -as advised by your trainer/assessor-Make any due changes and finalise the agendaCall and conduct a meeting -meeting schedule and participants to be arranged by your trainer/assessor-Provide time to the participants to review the brief and provide supporting information/documentsProvide a brief overview of the Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and purpose of the meetingProvide copies of the policy and obtain audience signatures on the documentsProvide a brief overview of the planned product/project -make a brief presentation- and explain company's position -your stance on the issues- and roles of various stakeholdersExplain why the product is important and provide justifications/reasoning for the company to undertake the development workGo through the agenda items and engage the audience in discussionListen, take notes and acknowledge differences of opinionsTake a note of varied response, opinions, and suggestions discussed for the formal minutes after the meetingUse persuasive arguments and negotiate/find common grounds and solutionsTake control of the proceedings, maintain order, and amicably resolve heated arguments and conflictsProvide a meeting and discussion summaryFollowing the meeting, prepare meeting minutes and email to your Director -trainer/assessor roleplay- Assessment Criteria The following assessment criteria will be used for marking this assessment task- Ensure that you have addressed all of the criteria in your work- Completed the task within the given conditions, roleplay and instructionsUsed an appropriate organisational context and profile for the taskAssumed a senior/leadership role and initiated a process to conduct and meeting and discuss issues and concerns surrounding a product/serviceUndertook the required process and maintained protocols for planning and conducting a formal meetingPrepared the meeting agenda and circulated to participantsCalled and conducted a meeting on the designated day/sessionWelcomed the participants and articulated the purpose and expected outcomes of the meetingHighlighted key stakeholders and participants in the project and the development processProvided an overview of company's privacy and confidentiality policy and explained the need for confidentiality in the proposed project/product/serviceObtained signatures on the confidentiality agreement and explained the context to the membersPresented the underlying issues and provided a brief on company position and plansProvided and clarified additional/supporting information and documents Run the meeting as per the agenda and maintained the flow and discussion timeUsed and demonstrated language, tone, and approach appropriate to the audience and meeting protocolsDemonstrated active listening skills to encourage detailed and multiple responses and exchanges from the team membersUsed persuasive arguments and reasoning to emphasise a point/issue and provided other with an opportunity to express their viewsSupported and guide the discussion as needed and reading the meeting situations and member reactionsDemonstrated control of the proceedings and fulfilled the meeting agendaWas able to maintain order and resolve conflicts and differences of opinionsDemonstrated an effective communication style and adapted to the situationsListened to, and took notes of, various ideas, suggestions, arguments, and feedback to encourage participation and contributionProposed and negotiated solutions to meet common expectation and obtain majority agreementDemonstrated the ability to anticipate audience response/s and used counterarguments and tactics to overcome impassesWas able to identify and address rising conflicts/issues and amiably addressed/resolved themResponding to queries, issues and maintained appropriate communication within the meeting protocolsSummarised the meeting discussions and prepared meeting minutes Assessment Part 3: Draft and Record a Speech for Social Media: Video Description: Public speaking is part of running a business with senior managers often giving speeches to employees, corporate partners, vendors, or potential investors- Management need to, however, know how to write a good public speaking speech before their give their speeches- Some of the key strategies for delivering effective strategies include -Mind Tools, 2019-; Planning appropriately Drafting your speech PracticingEngaging with your audience Paying attention to body language Thinking positively Coping with nervesWatching the recording of your speech In a video speech/presentation, body language and facial expressions are critical and can influence your audience- This is a formal speech aimed that organisational stakeholders- Ensure that you dress and speak formally and assume yourself in the role of a senior manager/executive- Examples of some of the famous speeches can be found here -You may use the organisational context and roleplay as used in Assessment Part 2- You may also use your current or previous organisation - or an organisation you know - for this task- Discuss your choice of sample organisation with your trainer/assessor prior to undertaking this task- You will need a camera/smart phone for recording- A recording device will also be provided in the class- The advent of new technologies and social media platform means that manager and leaders have an opportunity to convey their message to a broad range of audiences, stakeholders and general public- Social media can be used as a valuable tool of communication by corporations and management-Accordingly, assume that in this task, you have been asked to prepare and record a speech that can beuploaded to company's social media pages- PartAssume that there have been rumours about company's failing performance and a threat of takeover by an industry giant- There are also rumours that the company has lost key government contracts and development projects- However, the company is only going through tough market conditions- Company's profitability is down due to new investments in long-term assets and research and development/business development activities- However, the rumours are hard to quash, and the board of directors have decided to upload a well-prepared speech by a senior executive -you in the roleplay- to ease market and consumer fears ahead of the annual general meeting and performance report in a few months- The company's objective is to cover keyclarifications in the speech and persuade the audience about company's standing and market situation- Duration: 8-10 minutesAccordingly, using the strategies suggested at the start of this task; AudienceInternal and external company stakeholders, including multi-cultural and diverse client groups PreparationDevelop and draft a purpose statement - the main theme or the concept of the speech Develop the structure any layout -i-e- sequence- of the speechPrepare/develop the required contents and information -based on the given assumptions- Draft your speech on paperEmail the draft speech to your Director -training/assessor roleplay- for feedback and approval Make changes and finalise the draft RecordingPrepare off-the-camera notes, flash cards etc- if needed as prompts during your speech PracticeRecord your speechSave the video file and test it on your computer/phoneDiscuss and confirm the file format and submission method with your trainer/assessor Your speech will be graded for its clarity, structure, persuasive arguments/points, body language, cross- cultural sensitivities and appropriateness, facial expressions, command/knowledge of the topic and organisation- You will need to effectively demonstrate that you can prepare and assume a leadership role and stance in giving this speech- The speech needs to be formal and appropriate for its purpose -i-e- corporate/business message- Attachment:- Communicate with influence-rar

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