Prepare a report for your manager explaining the planning

Assignment Detail:- BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team Part - Planning and Facilitating Teamwork 1- Think about a plan you need to develop for a team project or task -or one that you have recently developed and where one hasn't been developed, negotiate a team issue to be addressed with your Assessor as a basis for the plan--- Describe this plan- 2- Prepare a report for your manager explaining the planning and development implementation process that you went through to develop your plan- Draw up your report outlining the planning and development implementation cycle that you followed- Your report can be formatted in any manner you choose however you should ensure it addresses at least the following six -6- steps: Step 1: Define the purpose of the planWhat was the purpose of your plan????Why did the project need to be completed???? Step 2: Collect relevant informationHow did you collect the background and other necessary???? information you needed to plan the project????What stakeholders were involved and how did you liaise with them????How did you use business technology to access, organise and monitor information???? Step 3: Involve the teamHow did you encourage ownership and responsibility????What strategies were developed to ensure team members had input into the planning, decision making and operational aspects of the project????How did you communicate roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in accordance with your plans and objectives????What business technology was used to communicate effectively????What other communication processes were used to develop and facilitate team cohesion????What processes were developed to ensure any issues/concerns of team members were recognised and addressed???? Step 4: Write the planDid your plan establish expected outcomes, outputs, key performance indicators/targets and goals for the work team???? How did you decide on these outcomes????How did you prioritise and allocate tasks???? Step 5: Implement the planHow did you turn your plan into action????How did you support team members in meeting expected performance outcomes???? Step 6: Monitor progress and conduct a final reviewHow did you monitor progress and performance and ensure everything was going according to plan????How did you provide feedback in order to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts and contributions???? Attachment:- Planning and Facilitating Teamwork-rar

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