Prepare a report detailing a strategic plan to reach the

Assignment Detail:- IntroductionIn Assessment 3 you are to prepare a report detailing a strategic plan to reach the stated organisational target you already selected and presented the related analysed data in Assessment 2- PartThis is a group report- The group is required to choose one data platform from assessment 2 and write a consultative report on how to achieve the recommendations that you have suggested in Assignment 2- You must write a Consultative Report discussing a strategic plan on how your organisation can achieve the stated future growth target based on the Data Analysis in Assessment 2- Your report needs to take into consideration the following aspects: 1- The Key Business initiative -Stated Target- of your organisation and its background- 2- The data analysed in Assessment 2- 3- All the recommendations related to the options and decisions in Assessment 2- 4- Consultation with Management and other Stake holders regarding Strategic Objectives, Key PerformanceIndicators, Measures of Success in reaching the Target- 5- Risks and mitigations to reach your Target- 6- Implementation Plan including Steps and Milestones to reaching your Target for the next 12 months- 7- Based on your analysis, what are the best ways forward with regards to:a- Human resources issuesb- Marketing plansc- Communication plansd- Budgets and expenses 8- Some theoretical basis for your solutions and ` decisions- 9- The Consultative Report should be written in appropriate business language so that your analysis and discussion have an objective tone- 10- Your writing should be clear and concise and be in your own words- 11- Use headings and sub heading to guide the reader- 12- Use visual data representations to support your discussion- 13- Report Conclusion-The Consultative Report -per team- must be in the range of 2,000 words in length excluding references- You must reference using the APA referencing style- Reflective Piece: A further 300 - 500 words reflection paper should be submitted per student-A- on your experience and learning in this exercise and how this may be applied in your own organisation- While completing this assessment consider the following: a- Structure of the written report: Background information is relevant, issues are logically ordered, recommendations clearly relate to the issues- b- Identify main issues: Prioritise choices, justify and prioritise issues chosen- c- Analyse the issues: Each issue is discussed using relevant concepts and principles, insight is shown in analysing the information- d- Discuss alternatives: Consider all viable short-term and long-term alternatives to potentially solve each issue, examine the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative- e- Explain resources: Identify individuals from the case study, enumerate the time frame and monitoring processes required for the recommendations to be put into practice- f- Write clearly and concisely: Arguments are explicit and succinct, appropriate headings are used, gram- mar and spelling are accurate- g- Reflective Piece: You need to write a 300 - 500 word reflecting on your experience and learning in this exercise and how this may be applied in your own organisation- Attachment:- Consultative report-rar

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