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Assignment Detail:- ICTNWK543 Install, operate and troubleshoot medium enterprise switches Assessment: Project Project 1 Scenario Eastwood Secondary School is committed to providing its students with the education they will need to succeed in today's digitally connected world- Currently, they are learning about website development, sound editing, and creating complex videos- A huge volume of information needs to pass through the network, and the school's existing10/100 megabit switches cannot handle all of this traffic- They need updated switches able to push a huge amount of data -Gb- out and have enough speed to image all the computers within the school and its geographically dispersed district- The switches must have modularity to accommodate connectivity for a 10 Gigabit fibre backbone between cable closets across the school, and to the network access storage cluster in the data cabinet- Every computer in the schools required a 1 Gigabit port to accommodate the variety of applications used by students- Eastwood secondary contact Fibex for the project-Fibex, an authorised dealer for leading network switch manufacturers, also provides network solutions to many institutions- Fibex has given Kelly a chance to show his skills by leading this project- As per company policies, Kelly must create project documentation- Kelly also needs to collect & document the legislation & WHS/OHS codes related to the project- Part 1: In this task:o The student will act as Kellyo The student must research to check the latest codes of practices and legislation that apply to the projecto RTO /trainer will arrange the copy of the latest legislation-o RTO must provide student access to a computer with an internet connection- You are required to complete the following table to gather the information on legislation regarding your project plan Part 2:This task is in continuation of Part1Instructions: In this task:• The student will act as Kelly• The student must complete the access request form-• The student must submit the completed access request to the trainer/assessor-After reviewing the legislation, Kelly needs to visit the school campus to review the existing network inventory and to prepare a list of elements required for upgrading the existing network- As per Eastwood secondary procedures, every visitor needs permission to access the switch room- Part 3:This task is in continuation of Part 2Instructions:In this task• The student will act as Kelly• The assessor will act as the IT administrator from Eastwood Secondary• The student will review the existing network design and asset Inventory• The student must document the findings after reviewing the existing design and inventoryKelly's request gained approval after two days by the IT administrator- Kelly visited the site and reviewed the existing inventory -mentioned below - provided to him by the IT department- After conducting the review, Kelly discussed the issues they are facing at the moment- Kelly needs to document the meeting results and network elements required in a template for meeting minutes Part 4:This task is in continuation of Part 3In this task• The Student will act as Kelly• An assessor will act as a store person of Fibex• The student will interact with an assessor to confirm the availability and specification of the network equipment identified in task 2• A student must complete the template to document the informationEastwood Secondary school management is happy with the solution proposed by Kelly, and they are happy to go ahead- Management asked Kelly to create a detailed project plan for this project-As Kelly started to prepare the project plan, the first step is to check the availability of the proposed network elements- His company Fibex is an authorised supplier of leading network switch manufacturers- He needs to make a call and document the specification & availability of network elements from stores in the template provided below- Part 5:This task is in continuation of Part 4In this task• The student must prepare a project plan• The Assessor will provide the necessary information to a studentAfter documenting the confirmation from the store, you need to document a detailed project plan, including the following information and share it with your assessor- Your project plan needs to be 500-1000 words-1- Scope of Project2- Different phases of a project3- Selecting internetworking devices4- IP address Plan5- Downtime costing6- Budget of project Part 6:This task is in continuation of task 5Part AIn this task:• The student will act as Kelly• The assessor will act as IT administrator• The student must explain the Project Plan and technical terminology to IT administrator• The student must answer the relevant questions• The student must liaise with IT administrator for the approval of the project and request the security clearance• The student must draft a mail for security clearanceAfter preparing the project plan, Kelly held a meeting with the IT administrator to explain the project plan to gain security clearance to access the server room of Eastwood- Part BAs Kelly gained approval for the project plan now, he has to get the security clearance from the IT administrator to access the site- To gain security clearance, you are required to write an email to the IT administrator- Your email should include the following:The answer may vary- A student must write an email to the IT administrator by including the following information• Date• Address• Subject• Greetings• Main Body - Stating the reasono Permission to access the server roomo Date and time of accessClosing Project 2This project is in continuation from project 1- Part 1-1In this task:• The student will act as Kelly• The assessor and other students act at team members• The student must prepare the designs and explain the technical terminology usedIn preparation for the commencement of the project, the student will need to prepare and document the following for the team:1- Design of network segmentation based on the network available2- A diagram for network traffic management based on the available network3- A list of basic switching requirements based on the network they are working with- Once this has been completed, Kelly will need to hold a team meeting on the proposed commencement date of the project to explain the following as the part project design-1- How network can be segmented2- How the network traffic can be managed3- What the basic requirements are to install the switchesAs you are acting as Kelly, you must complete the minutes of meeting template given below Part 1-2This task is in continuation of task 1-1In this task:• The student will act as Kelly• The student must perform the initial configurations on the switch• Student must identify and document the basic requirements to install the network switch Part AAfter the meeting, it is time for Kelly and the team to jump into action- As a first step, Kelly needs to perform the initial configurations of the switch according to organisational requirements- Eastwood Secondary also wants Kelly to document the configurations for their reference-You are acting as Kelly and need to document the steps you will use to carry out the following activities for the initial switch configuration:• Reset the switch to factory defaults• Set IP address• Set interface description• Clear MAC address table• Add static MAC address in CAM table• Save the running configurations• Backup configuration settings to the server• Upgrade the firmwareOnce you have completed the documentation, you need to organise a time with your trainer/assessor and show them how you can execute the initial configuration of a switch- Your assessor will provide a network switch with a speed of 10/100gbps to check your skills- Part BAfter performing the initial configurations on the network switch, Kelly needs to prepare a list of appropriate media, cables and ports required to connect the switch to other network devices- Using the template below, write down the requirements you will need- Attachment:- Project-rar

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