Prepare a digital forensic report for the following

Assignment Detail:- Digital Forensics Report The assignment must use AUTOPSY forensic software and provide screenshots In this major task you are asked to prepare a digital forensic report for the following scenario after carefully reading the scenario and looking at textbook figures as referred below: You are investigating a possible intellectual property theft by a new employee of Superior Bicycles, Inc- This employee, Tom Johnson, is the cousin of Jim Shu, an employee who had been terminated- Bob Aspen is an external contractor and investor who gets a strange e-mail from Terry Sadler about Jim Shu's new project -shown in Figure 8-5 of the textbook on p- 350-- Bob forwards the e-mail to Chris Robinson -the president of Superior Bicycles- to inquire about any special projects that might need capital investments- Chris forwards the e-mail to the general counsel, Ralph Benson, asking him to look into it- He also forwards it to Bob Swartz, asking him to have IT look for any e-mails with attachments- After a little investigation, Bob Swartz forwards an e-mail IT found to Chris Robinson -shown in Figure 8-6 of the textbook on p- 350-- Chris also found a USB drive on the desk Tom Johnson was assigned to- Your task is to search for and determine whether the drive contains any proprietary Superior Bicycles, Inc- data in the form of any digital photograph as an evidence- In particular, you may look for graphic files such as JPEG on the USB drive hidden with different format- Note for the USB drive image, you need to download the "C08InChp-exe" file from the download section of Chapter 8 on the student companion site of the textbook -Nelson, Phillips, & Steuart, 6/e, 2019-- Your task is to search all possible places data might be hidden -e-mails and USB drive- and recover and present any digital evidence in the report- Note: Prepare this report using Autopsy forensic software Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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