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Assignment Detail:- Response to the followings: 1- One of the critical parts of any sales job is to bring in the numbers -purchase orders-, keep the sales pipeline healthy, and provide an accurate sales forecast and results- One of the major issues that we have been running into from the sales team, agents, and distributor is sandbagging their forecasts- Sandbagging is a common forecasting bias that can lead to suboptimal decision-making- Some salespeople and others deliberately lowball their estimates to appear that they are more accurate when they eventually surpass their forecast- For example, in one of the sales meetings, one of the sales representatives predicted that sales would be 10% lower than they would be to make it appear that they were 80% accurate when sales only dropped by 2%- This led to suboptimal decision-making because it misleads managers to poor decision-making and damages the credibility of the forecasting process- In addition, sandbaggers often do not have an incentive to improve their forecasts, as they are already being seen as accurate- As a result, sandbagging can pose a serious challenge to effective forecasting- The company adopted a robust sales forecasting processes that incorporated objective data and accurate calculations to address this issue- An effective tool is applied for all salespeople called SalesForce -CRM tool-, which tracks leads, forecasts, customer visits, etc- Additionally, regular training and coaching sessions are provided to help teach sales reps and others about sandbagging, so they can avoid it- By implementing these techniques and training, there was an improvement inaccurate forecasting and the bottom-line projection- Response: 100 words -no reference- Need up to 600 words original post -no references please- I am currently working in Global IT firm for the past 4 years with over all Information technology of 20 years- I need to deliver a post on PERFORMANCE REPORTING in the discussion forum- Attachment:- Discussion forum-rar

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