Plan to manage the risks associated with your Continuous

Assignment Detail:- BSBSTR601 Manage Continuous Improvement And Innovation Plan and implement continuous improvement and innovation Select most appropriate changes/opportunities/new ideas-Select most appropriate changes, opportunities, and new ideas-Choose three solutions -from your Gap analysis- to focus on as part of your continuous improvement efforts-These should be the best solutions based on your Gap analysis and cost-benefit calculations-Say why you chose these three issues -consider resources, needs and constraints- Plan for continuous improvement-Continuous Improvement Plan for -Add business name-Objectives and KPIs of the planList the KPIS associated with the objectives of continuous improvement in your organisation- You have already developed objectives for continuous improvement in Section 1- Continuous improvement systems and processesEstablish the continuous improvement systems and processes that will be followed as you implement changes, opportunities, or new ideas- Key actions, resources, constraints and timeframesDescribe key actions, resources, constraints,and timeframes to achieve continuous improvement and innovationas you implement your chosen changes/opportunities/new ideas- List at least six key actions- Change/Opportunity/new idea Key actions related to continuous improvement and innovation-e-g-, brainstorming, implementing improvement registers, updating policies etc-- ImpactDescribe the impact the changes/opportunities/new ideasand associated actions will have on the organisation or work area as well as the consequences for people-Describe actionsor transition plans -following the policies and procedures that address approvals, project management and change management- that to will be taken to manage this- Risk managementPlan to manage the risks associated with your Continuous Improvement plan- One risk should be Non-performance of staff members- RiskWhat are the risks associated with your plan???? List at least three- Potential outcomesList potential outcomes for each risk- Risk responseWill you avoid, retain, share, transfer or reduce the risk???? Contingency planHow will you manage the risk -e-g-, progress reports, training, insurance etc--????Non-performance of staff CommunicationDescribe how the continuous improvement and innovation plan will be communicated RewardsOutline the rewards that will be put in place for staff for achievements in relation to continuous improvement, innovation, and learning- Knowledge managementSelect which of the activities below are used as part of your organisation's knowledge management system to capture learnings from continuous improvement and innovation- Plan for team meetingWho will you meet with????How will you facilitate effective group interaction????How will you build rapport with the team members to ensure positive working relationships????What questions will you ask about team member's vision for continuous improvement and innovation to guide you mentoring????How will you coach the team in innovation????Attach your questionnaire to this section of the portfolio- Team meetingWhat feedback did you receive about how you ran the meeting????How can you improve your performance in future????If not viewed in person by your assessor, attach proof of the team meeting to this section of your portfolio- Implement innovative processes-Implement continuous improvementWhich change/opportunity/new idea did you implement????Attach proof to this section of your portfolio- Address impact of change/opportunity/new ideaHow did you address the impact????Attach proof to this section of your portfolio- Attachment:- Project Portfolio-rar  

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