Pizza and Python Assignment - Build apps for the web and

Assignment Detail:- Pizza and Python Assignment What's better than learning a new skill???? Drinking a pint while learning a new skill Build apps for the web and unlock data-driven insights with code- Explore the intersection of coding and data with General Assembly- During our Python-focused intro clan, you'll learn you'll learn all about Python - including how to get started, advantages and disadvantages of Python, essentials of programming in Python, and tools available to build applications in Python- In this class, you'll: • Touch on fundamental Python programming techniques and tools-• Discuss its applications in data analysis and web development - and the types of problems it can solve-• See where Python programming fits into the data and web workflow-• Apply your new skills to solve a real-world problem with Python- Chart your own career path- Pick up where this workshop leaves off- Enhance your professional skill set with Python skill' in our 10-week, part-time Python Programming course- Takeaways• Learn how to get set up and install Python and libraries-• Find out how to mite your first Python script-• Figure out what tools to use for your next Python projects-

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