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Assignment Detail:- PHE3FPI Field Placement Induction - La Trobe University Practice Framework Report Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate critical awareness of the ethical principles informing practice within your chosen discipline-Learning Outcome 2: Appraise practice frameworks relevant to field placement in a discipline-based setting- A practice framework provides up-to-date direction on the various skills, attributes, standards, and responsibilities that guides the practice of health professional and allows practitioners to respond to emerging issues in a clear, professional, and consistent manner- In each field of practice, be it Public Health, Health Promotion, Rehabilitation Counselling, or Health Wellbeing and Performance various practice frameworks are used by practitioners- The type of framework used could be based on:• population group -e-g-, people with disabilities, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, and Indigenous communities-,• health issue -e-g-, mental health, disability, alcohol and drug use, gender-based violence, and aged care-,• locale or setting -e-g-, special needs school, prisons, and country and regional areas-• ethical considerations -including code of conduct- that underpin the professional practice within your specific discipline Choose one practice and one ethics related framework or guidelines from the lists below- If you would like to choose a framework not on the lists, please discuss with your facilitator- You can use international, national, regional, and local frameworks -again, check with your facilitator that they are suitable-- Refer to the resources in the Weekly topics on Ethics, Ethical Practice and You and Using Practice Frameworks to Guide your Work- Part1- Identify and briefly describe key concepts, principles, values, and practices contained in each framework- 2- Critique the strengths and weaknesses in each of the two frameworks- -You will need to explore or ‘unpack' the strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis the value or principle in your discipline, e-g-, participation, empowerment, equity, client voice, resilience, motivation- Support your critique using appropriate evidence--- 3- Discuss the practical benefits and limitations of applying the framework -e-g-, can it be applied in all settings, for all communities, etc-- at your prospective placement site such as a community health centre, disability agency, local council, or not-for-profit organisation-Note: Analysis and suggestions need to be supported by evidence throughout the report- *Part 2: The following are items for you to consider when critiquing the strengths and weaknesses of the frameworks- Select two-to-three on which to focus- Attachment:- Field Placement-rar

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