Personal Profiling: Do your capabilities suggest you could

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part 1: Assessment Part - Personal Profiling: Do your capabilities suggest you could be an effective transformational leader???? Description and requirementsYou are required to complete at least two self-assessment leadership profiling tools- On completion compare, analyse and report the significance of the results with respect to your potential as a transformational leader- All instruments are provided on the Unit USB or can be accessed via the online learning system or from your lecturer- Instruments provided to complete self-assessment of leadership attributes, include, but are not necessarily limited to, assessment of:• Behaviours• Competencies• Capabilities• Styles• Types• Preferences The aim of this activity is to encourage you to reflect on the qualities of leadership and to define your personal attributes- You do not need to include the actual assessments- If you choose to include results they should only be provided as an attachment to the main paper- The paper should be written in an academic style and include at least 8 references to support your analysis and the observations made regarding your potential as a transformational leader- Assessment Part 2: Assessment Part - Compare transactional and transformational leadership models Description and requirementsComplete a comparative investigation into contemporary leadership by looking at transactional and transformational leadership models- In your response consider the following: a- Define transactional and transformational leadership and critically consider the balance of attributes a contemporary leaders should display- b- Confirm the weaknesses contemporary organisations have exposed in both the charismatic and ‘Great Man' leadership approaches- How have more recent transformational leadership practitioners and theorists sought to redress these weaknesses???? This assessment forms the major written work set for this unit- The assessment is to be written as an academic essay- See the Essay/report assessment criteria sheet on the following page for information about the criteria and the standards by which your work will be judged- Assessment Part 3: Analyse and develop a change project plan Description and requirementsAssessment 3 has three compulsory parts -numbered 1, 2, and 3-- As a guide, your total word count should not exceed 2500 words- You have the discretionary control as to how this word count is best allocated- 1- Choose an organisation and research and develop a change project plan for a change initiative- The report must address all four requirements below-A- Provide the organisation/entity context and introduce the change initiative- B- Develop a change project plan- The plan should include:a- Vision and purposeb- Scope of the projectc- Key driversd- Broad goals and measures -e-g- Balanced Scorecard-e- Actions and milestone -timeline-f- Stakeholder analysisg- Relevant attachments C- Conclusion explaining and, through use of contemporary academic and professional sources, confirming the robust nature of the change plan and the benefits to the organisation- NOTE: The change plan can be constructed for an organisation or part of an organisation -entity-- This organisation can be known to the student, be identified through research -case study, online search, etc-- or be conceptual -created for the purposes of this work-- If in doubt students should contact the unit coordinator to confirm the validity of the entity chosen for this assignment- This is to be written as a report with the requirement that Part C to the question, as a minimum, include use of relevant academic references to support your plan- Attachment:- Assessment Parts-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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