Performance and Skills Assessment Task - Develop a project

Assignment Detail:- BSBPMG531 Manage Project Time Part - Performance and Skills Assessment Part summaryThis assessment task requires you to undertake market research relevant to a product or service available in today's marketplace- This project requires you to complete the assessment tasks in a real workplace -your current workplace can be used-- If you are not working, select a workplace you are familiar with- RequiredYou are required to demonstrate your ability to: • manage project time on at least two occasions-In the course of the above, the candidate must: • develop a project schedule using project management tools and techniques• conduct a review of project scheduling and recommend improvements for the future Part 2 - Performance and Skills Assessment Complete this task using the Indo Aust Jaya scenario and the corresponding project brief- Read through the brief & complete corresponding questions in each "part"-• Part A - Work breakdown structure• Part B - Estimation of duration & effort for each task• Part C - Project Schedule• Part D - Measuring, recording & reporting• Part E - Improvements Part B - Estimate of duration and effort for each taskProvide an estimate of duration and effort for each task of your project as well as task sequences and dependencies- -300 words-You will need to use the work breakdown structure you completed in Part A to identify the tasks- List each one under the appropriate work breakdown structure heading- Next to each task, note:- tasks that must be completed before the task can commence- how long each task will take????- who will complete each task????- any equipment or materials required to complete the task Part C - Project schedule- Develop the project schedule using appropriate software and techniques -Refer to your online readings/learner guide for software and techniques--- It is recommended that you use a Gantt chart for this task-- **Please upload your project schedule with this assessment task to canvas upon completion-- Your project schedule should link to the estimation that you prepared in Part B- Part D - Measuring, recording and reporting progress- You are to provide an updated project schedule reflecting a variation and a progress report, this includes a project schedulereflecting the variation, and the Project status report -300 words--- The project involves implementing a Customer Relationship Management -CRM- system-- Refer to the case study context below for responding to Part D, the Gantt chart is recommended- Context: Gary Jazgar manages IAJ's IT department- The IT Department at IAJ is responsible for:• supporting IAJ staff• planning and coordinating infrastructure• performing website maintenance• testing and planning for disaster recovery• adhering to the strategic plan for keeping hardware and software up to date• monitoring and maintaining computer hardware operating systems and applications• troubleshooting system and network problems and diagnosing and solving hardware/software faults• providing procedural documentation to users• evaluating and running projects as required• ensuring security of the network During the conversation, Gary requested a change to the schedule- The change is an extension of time for a specific task/phase due to the following reasons:• unavailability of a staff member involved in the task; and• delays in being able to purchase required hardware You are to provide an updated project schedule reflecting a variation and a progress report-This includes a project schedule reflecting the variation, a Gantt chart is recommended and the Project status report -300words-- Project Status Report 1- Project information Project name:Date:Prepared by:Distribution list: 2- Recent project progress, activities, and highlights: 3- Project performance Refer to Overview: colour status criteria - project status report and project registry at end of report Overview: colour status criteria - project status report and project registry This section is included for your reference only and does not need to be submitted Three status colours are represented in the project status reports- The table below is provided as a convenience to show the reporting action for each colour- Project managers should apply the colours as appropriate to each of the project management knowledge areas and an overall status for the project- Part E - ImprovementsWrite a short reflection discussing the changes you could make to your time management control mechanisms/project schedule in order to manage project time more effectively- -100 words- Attachment:- Manage project time-rar

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