Perform a bruteforce password attack; Perform a privilege

Assignment Detail:- SIT182 - Real World Practices for Cyber Security - Deakin University Cybersecurity Scenario: A research and development company called ‘NETsec' is a defense contractor providing hardware and software solutions for the federal government- They want to ensure their web system is appropriately secured and protected from potential cybersecurity attacks- This is of upmost importance for maintaining an exemplary reputation and business relationships with their client- The CIA of cybersecurity is critical to maintaining the information and infrastructure of NETsec- A successful breach of their system or leak of a product design could result in the collapse of the company- To ensure this does not happen NETsec has requested the services of your team to apply the necessary knowledge and skills to identify any security vulnerabilities, attempt to infiltrate their system by performing an attack-s- and providing appropriate recommendations so countermeasures can be applied- Report Each group is to work as a team and submit a report of approximately 2000 words and exhibits following the Teamwork Rubric provided- The report MUST include descriptions and evidence of results of the steps performed in order to be eligible to be awarded maximum marks for each rubric criterion- Your team is required to perform the following cybersecurity attacks in an attempt to subvert the security of the NETsec Web system and ultimately gain access to the restricted administration page of the website Perform a bruteforce password attack; Perform a privilege escalation attack; Perform a social engineering attack- Attachment:- Real World Practices for Cyber Security-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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