Outline the reasons that the strategy has been developed

Assignment Detail:- Organisational learning strategy IntroductionOutline the strategy's objectives and background- PurposeOutline the reasons that the strategy has been developed- CommitmentDevelop the company's statement of commitment to organisational learning- Organisational requirementsAddress the overall organisational requirements for an organisational learning strategy, as well as specific instructor and learner requirements, building on from the Learning Strategies Report you developed- Units of competencyInclude at least five relevant training options as set out in the feedback provided to you at the meeting- Communication proceduresInclude procedures to systematically liaise with educators, learners and others in order to monitor whether the learning strategies and learning resources are achieving the organisational learning targets- StrategiesSet out the learning and assessment strategies that you have developed while researching you report and during the meeting- Each strategy should allow some flexibility, so it is more responsive to any changed circumstances or priorities- Include a short description of the flexibilities inherent in each strategy-

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