Outline five strategies that can be used to manage stress

Assignment Detail:- BSBPEF501 Manage Personal And Professional Development Assessment Part 1: Knowledge questions 1- Explain the concept of self-appraisal and how can it contribute to personal behaviour, self-awareness and personality trait/features, characteristics identification- 2- Explain the concept of peer appraisal and outline one benefit of peer appraisal- 3- Outline three benefits for an individual of planning work- 4- Outline each of the letters in the acronym/shortened SMART in relation to goals- 5- Discuss the concept of the Pareto Principle in relation to time management- 6- Explain the concept of work-life balance- 7- Outline five strategies that can be used to manage stress and achieve a healthy work-life balance- 8- Discuss the negative effect of technology on work-life balance- 9- Discuss three strategies that a business can use to ensure their workers maintain a healthy work-life balance- 10- Outline five ways to develop new work skills- 11- Outline two ways to more effectively manage time at work- 12- Discuss the concept of personal development planning- 13- Explain five learning styles and why it is important to identify learning styles- 14- List three human resource policies relevant to professional development and explain how they address professional development- 15- Discuss the use of technology to plan and prioritise work tasks- In your answer:• Explain how technology can be used to plan and prioritise work-• List three benefits-   

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