NXLD 9628 Business and Management in Context Assignment

Assignment Detail:- NXLD 9628 Business and Management in Context - Northumbria University The Assignment Part: This assignment is an individual piece of work- It represents 70% of the module mark- Students are required to produce a management report focusing on Premier Inn -www-premierinn-com- - the UK's hotel brand, offering accommodation with over 800 hotels- An assignment should demonstrate that you possess a high level of understanding about the operations of the company in the United Kingdom, which is the geographical focus of the analysis- 1- IntroductionAs a starting point, this section should ‘set the scene' by providing information on main products/services, the industry company operates in, main competitors and markets- Financial and non-financial metrics should be suggested -with a preference for any data that are ‘benchmarked' against direct competitors- to assess the performance of the company- Show example data for the company in question -in tabular or graphical form- that ideally spans four or five financial years to the present day- Include in this section a brief discussion concerning the difficulties in determining and measuring business success -cite some of the key authors that have written about this subject-- Students are asked not to construct this section by cuttingand pasting or simple copying material from the company's website and other sources- 2- Analysis of the current business environment affecting the industryFocus on the industry that is relevant to the company's core business and respective geographical focus of the United Kingdom- Look at the macro- environment and micro-environment- Identify important industry trends- Use analytical tools such as PESTLE and Porter's Five Forces -Porter, 2008-- Do not confuse external and internal analysis! State the purpose and limitations of frameworks you use- This section MUST conclude with the main opportunities and threats affecting the industry derived from the above analysis- 3- Analysis of the company's strategic capabilitiesThis section should focus on the analysis of the strategic significance of organisation's resources and capabilities- The analysis should begin with the identification of the company resources -tangible, intangible, threshold and unique-- Students are asked to use the Value Chain framework -Porter 1988; 1985- and VRIO -Barney, 1991- tools and apply them correctly- By providing a critical, realistic and thorough analysis students should indicate if the company currently has any competitive advantage- You need to link this section with the external analysis -section 2--In a conclusion to this section, you MUST summarise the main strengths and weaknesses of the company- 4- ConclusionThis section should summarise the key strategic issues deriving from the analysis, which need to be addressed by the company management in the future- Your strategic recommendation -which might encompass more than one particular suggestion to the company- needs to be analysed using the SAFe criteria-References All sources must be cited and referenced using APA style- Attachment:- Business and Management in Context-rar

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