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Assignment Detail:- NURS90059 Nursing Research - University of Melbourne Assessment Purpose: Understanding how rigorous research practice in nursing is key to the generation of useful evidence is a crucial skill that nurses require to guide their practice- This assessment requires you to learn how to construct a protocol to answer a clinically focused research question- This communicates how evidence is generated by nurses to support their practice- This assessment requires you to develop a protocol that guides the collection of data to address a pertinent issue in contemporary nursing practice- Ideally, this should follow on from your literature review, and research question, presented in assessment task three- Your protocol needs to be detailed and clear about the procedures to be undertaken and how the data collected -or information collated- will address your research aim- A project protocol will describe the research design and methods you will use to collect data to address your identified research question-Guidelines for writing and presenting your project protocol-Throughout, justification / defence of chosen methods should be provided from available literature-Introduction -approx- 100 words-Provide a brief outline / signposting to your project protocol-Introduce your topic, concisely describe your chosen topic, and present your research question -using an appropriate framework, such as PICOT or SPIDER--Research design and rationale for chosen design- -approx- 600 words- Depending on the type of study -research design- to be conducted, a different tool/checklist should be used- To assist with research protocol preparation, the following checklists can be used as a template: Setting -approx- 300 words-This should include details of how participants will be sampled- Inclusion and exclusion criteria- Explore how your will sample be accessed-Data collection -approx- 300 words-Explore data collection methods- Include a timeframe for data collection-Data collection tools presented in an appendix will not be included in assessment word count- Explore potential ethical considerations-Data management and analysis -approx- 350 words-Describe how data will be managed-Present a data analysis plan-Potential implications for practice -approx- 250 words-Present how your intended research will improve practice-Conclusion -approx- 100 words- MethodologyA quantitative Cross• Convenience sampling - Participants raiding female nurses enrolled in The tertiary public hospitals• Online survey questionnaires to collect the data related lo satisfaction towards work and overall life Research analysis• Quantitative analysis performed in this study evaluated the association between the flexible working hoses and the relationship with the supervisor• Quantitative analyses were conducted to check for the influence of support from supervisions on job and life satisfaction-

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