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Assignment Detail:- NURS2011 Quality and Safety in Health Care - Flinders University Assignment: Poster Poster Presentation This assignment requires you to create a poster -using one of the templates provided or by designing a poster yourself- addressing a primary health care program that aims to address a key health priority either locally, nationally or globally- You are expected to read a wide range of peer reviewed journal articles to support information contained in your poster and this assignment requires you to present this evidence throughout your poster- A POSTER IS NOT AN ESSAY- Please check the criteria for a poster- Look on the web for examples of posters- Points that you need to address: -you do not need to use these exact headings and you are encouraged to be creative but ensure that all areas are addressed- • Title: Chose a catchy title to draw readers to your poster and to clearly explain what your focus is for the poster-• Author and ID• Flinders University Logo• Introduction - Introduce the poster and area of discussion-• Health priority - Discuss the health priority that you are addressing utilising health data to emphasise the impact of the priority on the health of the population or the reason for it being seen as a priority-• Primary Health Program - Introduce and discuss a health care program that currently exists to address your chosen health priority-• Discussion regarding the Social Determinants that impact the health priority - This can be one or more of the social, cultural, political, or economic determinants of health that might impact on the priority or health program, either as a contributing factor or as a key focus of the primary health program- This can be discussed in terms of how the program does NOT address the social determinants of health-• Limitations of the program - Analysis of how the program could be improved to better address the health priority and the SDoH CRITERIA FOR A POSTERA poster is meant to be eye catching, easy to read and has the aim of portraying important information in a concise format- Consider the poster is for educating others around an area of practice-A POSTER IS NOT AN ESSAY-• A poster emphasises the main points and can use pictures and diagrams to help get across a message-• Introduction and conclusion sections convey relevant information• Poster draws attention to key points• Information in text is clear and concise• Information in illustrations is clear, concise and relevant• Important messages are clear to viewers• The use of dot points and numbering is acceptable• Headings signpost the flow of ideas• Clear and natural sequence to ideas in poster• Overloading of poster is avoided• Balance is achieved between text and illustrations, pictures, diagrams and graphs• Poster is understandable without supporting verbal explanation by author• Adherence to dimensions and quality• Title of poster and details of author and affiliations clear• Appropriate and imaginative use of colour, borders, illustrations and use of space• Tables, graphs, graphics or photographs are of sufficient clarity/resolution/size and relevant• Appropriate size and font style for text and captions• Abbreviations minimised and in full text before initial use• Correct punctuation, spelling and grammar throughout; absence of errors• Correct and consistent citation style throughout poster• Reference list correct and consistent incorporating all reviewed articles and sources- Attachment:- Safety in Health Care-rar

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