NURS2006 Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement

Assignment Detail:- NURS2006 Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement - Flinders University Assignment: Question: In older adult, how does the use of side rails reduce the risk of fall compared to pressure sensor mats during hospitalization????PICOT Purpose: The purpose of the evidence-based practice project is to have the student demonstrate skills in applying research to practice Learning outcome 1: Apply evidence-based practice -EBP- in the provision of patient care Learning outcome 2: Formulate a clinical question to yield the most relevant and best evidence to the healthcare organisation- Learning outcome 3: List the steps of evidence-based practice and the skills associated with it Learning outcome 4: Analyse the impact of clinical governance on efficiency and practice standards Learning outcome 5: Critically appraise different study designs and exhibit an understanding of the evidence they produce Learning outcome 6: Develop strategies to disseminate the outcomes of evidence Learning outcome 7: Reflect on the role of the Registered Nurse in maximising EBP across the healthcare organisation- Procedures: Students will work independently, Each student will: a- Use the assignment 1 topic- b- Conduct a systematic literature search on the chosen topic and select appropriate articles for critique- Include at least five articles of evidence- Critique each article using the JHNEBP tools- -Include the abstracts of the articles as a separate file- this is not marked-- c- Complete an individual summary tool that includes limitations, levels, and quality of evidence- d- Complete a synthesis and recommendations tool that includes practice recommendations- Title of the SummaryInclude a title that is relevant to the EBP project 1- Overview of Clinical problem area and Why change is needed Include several brief statements that show why change is needed- Include references to show the size of the problem and why it is important-Use surveillance and causation data to justify why change is needed in this particular area- 2- Review questionState the review question using PICOT format- Example question formats:1- Is -intervention- effective in the promotion and /or prevention of -risk factor and/ or disease- in -population-????2- Is -intervention- cost-effective in the promotion and or prevention of -risk factor and/ or disease- in -population-???? 3- Methodology Selection criteria: -Inclusion criteria and Exclusion criteria for studies- Inclusion criteria are everything that a study must have to be included in your review- Exclusion criteria are the factors that would make a study ineligible to be included in your review- These criteria are usually applied to the results of a search and are not used to limit the search results- Specify the inclusion criteria and exclusion for studies in a table with the headings: population, interventions, comparisons - for example, no intervention, other treatment-, outcomes, time -if relevant- and study types - for example, systematic review, economic evaluation-- You should also specify any exclusion criteria used if any -for example, studies published before 2010, another language, certain type of study types- Search strategySpecify the search strategy, including resources searched and search terms- Specify the date last searched -For example these searches were current as at -month and year--Include the search string and search history -see module 4 for details- 4- Brief ResultsUsing the synthesis table, summarise how many studies of each type were used for the evidence summary -for example, how many systematic reviews and how many economic evaluations, if any--Include the reference and a description of the study with reference to the inclusion criteria, noting details of the participants, intervention-s-, comparisons, outcomes and study types- 5- The evidenceThis is the answer to the question- Start with a statement that shows the level and quantity of evidence you found to answer the question- Cite all of the references that meet your inclusion criteria-Use a separate heading for this if relevant- Consider splitting the evidence into sections according to population groups, settings, determinants, risk factors and/or intervention types and outcomes - whatever works best for the evidence you have and the messages you wish to convey-If possible, summarise what is involved in the intervention in terms of frequency,duration, delivery method, participants -including age- and so on- This will help for implementation, though it may be difficult to do if more than one intervention type is being considered- 6- Research gapsSummarise research gaps using dot points-Consider what the included studies identify as a research need-Identify any study types, population groups and so on that were missing from the studies found in your search- 7- Implication for PracticeImplications are the conclusions that you draw from your results and explain how the findings may be important for policy and practice- 8- ReferencesOnly include references that meet the inclusion criteria and that are cited in the text- Use APA 7th referencing format-

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