NURS 5152 Quantitative Design for Nursing, Midwifery and

Assignment Detail:- NURS 5152 Quantitative Design for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Research - University Of South Australia Assessment Interpreting quantitative statistical techniques Part A: Formulating a problem statement, research question and research hypothesis 1- Research topic/issue and problem: Research Topic: To review the effects of the atenolol medicine as compared to regular exercise in reducing the blood pressure level in older adults- InstructionsThe purpose of your audiovisual presentation is to report a summary of your research findings and answer your research question presented in Part A of assignment one- Your intended audience should be to other healthcare professionals and policy decision- makers and therefore your findings should be presented using non-complex or complicated research terminology- 1- Prepare, record and upload a presentation, in which you:- Introduce yourself, your clinical practice setting and your topic of inquiry- Present your research question using the PICOT mnemonic- Provide a summary of your research findings that answers your research question and describes the application of research findings to your clinical context- Assignment Two Part B Interpreting quantitative statistical techniques and summary presentation- This assessment is divided into two parts, Part A is a 2000-word written assessment and Part B is an 8 to 10-minute word audio-visual presentation -equivalent to 750 words-- To successful complete both parts of this assessment please carefully read the instructions, directions and tasks outlined in the next two sections- IntroductionThis assessment will assess your ability to critical- appraise and synthesise research using relevant appraisal- tools, interpret and apply study findings to an area of clinical practice, and your ability to clearly explain complex concepts in scientific knowledge in both written and verbal- forms of communication when reporting unfamiliar problems- Question 1- State your research question This section should state your research question -please remove this hint- Question 2- Summary of critical appraisalUsing appropriate JBI critical appraisal checklists, summarise your critical appraisal findings of the three quantitative studies- Your summary should include a summary of the studies' aims, research hypotheses and the PICO/PECO concepts of each article- Your summary should also include a summary of the scientific rigour of each study, noting any particular strengths or limitations of the study designs-please remove this hint- Question 3- Summary of statistical analysisThis section should include a summary of the statistical techniques used in each study- You should describe what descriptive and inferential techniques were used and what effect sizes were used -i-e-, OR, RR or mean differences- -please remove this hint- Question 4- Summarise study findingsThis section should describe the results from each study- Your description should include an explanation of the effect sizes -i-e-, RR or OR, or mean difference-, the clinical significance -i-e-, 95% confidence intervals, and whether the results were statistically significant -i-e-, the p value- -please remove this hint- ReferencesFormat your reference list using UniSA Harvard Referencing-please remove this hint- Attachment:- Template for Assignment-rar

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