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Assignment Detail:- NUR5011 - Contemporary Nursing in Context Assignment - Monash University Assessment - Legal Case Analysis Preamble - As citizens, we are obligated to uphold the law- As nurses, we are also obligated to follow and adhere to the Nursing Standards of Practice- This assessment will allow you to understand Standard 1: Thinks critically and analyses nursing practice; Standard 2: Engages in therapeutic and professional relationships and Standard 6: Provides safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practice- Details of task - Identify and discuss three -3- legal considerations evident in the case study provided- The case study is designed to prompt your thinking and analysis of the various legal issues/considerations that may arise in health care- Please note that you are not asked to provide a personal view of the case study- The purpose of the essay is to present a coherent argument for the legal considerations that are relevant to the case study- This essay provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate in-depth understanding, and sound, logical and academic argument to support your thoughtful position on the legal considerations present in the scenario- Attachment:- Case Study - Essay Scenario-rar

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