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Assignment Detail:- NSN910 Nursing Therapeutics - Queensland University of Technology Part description: You will undertake a simulated health assessment during a scheduled clinical practice session and use critical thinking to interpret assessment findings and identify problems- The simulation will underpin your reflection upon health assessment practice- The simulated health assessment is required to be video-recorded and a link to the recording is required to be submitted along with your written assessment- The assessment contains 2 parts- 1- Part 1: Simulation and video recording of health assessment to be completed during your assigned CPS session Week 6- 2- Part 2: Provide a written reflection on your health assessment technique and the effectiveness of your communication with the patient- Part 1: Simulated and video recorded vital sign assessment During your Week 6 Clinical Practical Session, in groups of 3 or 4, each student will conduct a health assessment focusing on vital signs including Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse, Respirations, and Oxygen saturations on another student -student patient-- Students will communicate their findings to their student patient and document their findings on an observation chart- Findings from these assessments need to be interpreted and communicated to your student patient -using critical thinking students need to identify normal health parameters and any abnormal findings-- Each student will be videoed by one of their group members using their own smart phone or similar device-Each student will rotate through each of the three/four roles:Student 1: Undertakes the health assessment -vital signs-- Student 2: Will have vital signs undertaken on them -and provide feedback to student 1 if only 3 students--Student 3: Will film the health assessment on Student 1's smart phone or similar device, ensuring that the focus of video recording is on vital sign technique- Part 2: Written reflectionUsing the Clinical Reasoning Cycle, provide a reflection on your vital sign health assessment technique and communication during the experience, with a focus on where your vital signs assessment technique and communication could be improved- In your reflection use the Clinical Reasoning Cycle -CRC- Phase 3 -process information- and Phase 8-reflect on process and new learning- -Calleja, et al-, 2020, p- 7; or Estes et al-, 2017, p- 6- to help guide your responses- Results of vital signs assessment -Approximately 500 words-- What were the results of the vital sign assessment???? Using the CRCPhase 3, process your information- Interpret data collected -vital signs- and compare normal with any abnormal findings- Reflect on process and new learning -Approximately 750 words-- Using the CRC Phase 8, reflect upon what you have learnt from this experience- • Reflect on your vital sign assessment technique and documentation- What went well with your vital sign assessment and documentation???? What did not go well with your vital sign assessment and documentation???? What impact could incorrect vital sign technique and documentation have on your patient???? What could be improved with your assessment technique and documentation????• Reflect on your communication- What was good about your communication with your patient???? What did not go well with your communication with your patient???? What impact could ineffective communication have on your patient???? How could your communication with your patient be improved????• What could you do differently next time to improve your performance in undertaking vital signs, documentation and communication???? Presentation requirements: The student must:• Actively participate in Part 1, the Vital signs health assessment during scheduled CPS class in Week 11-• Submit video recording to YouTube -as an "unlisted" file, instructions will be provided in the Assessment Blackboard site before assessment is due- and include the link to the video in the submitted Word document -on the cover sheet of your assignment with heading "YouTube video link"--• Provide evidence of vital sign documentation/charting -Observation chart- with the written component of the assessment-• Respond to the instructions provided under "What you need to do"-• Write using formal academic sentence structure -complete paragraphs that are grammatically correct, with in-text referencing and no dot points--• An introduction and conclusion paragraph should also be included-• The use of headings to structure your assignment logically is allowed but not mandatory- Headings contribute to your word count-• Submit Part 2 -written reflection- in electronic format as a single Word document via Turnitin Formatting and referencing:• Must include a cover sheet- Make your own cover sheet with the assessment title, your name, student number, tutor name and word count-• Include a ‘footer' on each page with your name, student number, unit code and page number-• 3 cm margins on all sides, double-spaced text• Use Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman font, size 12 Attachment:- Nursing Therapeutics-rar

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