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Assignment Detail:- NEWM-N 328 Visualizing Information - Indiana University Assignment The goal of the final project is to give you a hands-on experience in designing and implementing interactive visualizations using D3- We will learn how to import data, parse it, and clean it up using JavaScript- Well then visualize this data using common charts: bar charts, line charts, scatterplots, etc--- This project will an individual asssignment- DataYou will have the freedom to choose a datset of your own interest to use in this project- Choose a dataset that has about 5-10 attributes- You may use an open source dataset available online, such as jiggaq- For more resources, see the resources -- dataset section- Visualization designYour task is to design and implement an interactive visualization in D3 to facilitates the exploration of your chosen dataset- In doing so, you will apply the principles and techniques you learned in this class to design your own visualization- As with the previous assignments, the design should be inspired by a question -or a set of related questions- about the dataset- From that point, you can start by drawing up some sketches -with pencil and paper- of what the visualization and interface might look like, and how you want to arrange and display the data to answer your question-s-- You should start writing the code to load, parse, and display the data with D3- Use the techniques discussed in the Interactive Visualization for the Web -D3- book- To get yourself accustomed with D3, you may want to start by running through some examples, and doing some initial tests to load in the data and start displaying it- This step should transpire in parallel with the design process- Start early! I cannot emphasize this enough- Designing and implementing visualizations is an inherently iterative process, and you will likely want to revise your design a few times -whether on paper or in code-- By starting early, you allow enough time to experiment with different design ideas, and ultimately arrive at a better design- It is also important to note that 'getting it to work' is just a prerequisite to using the visualization to find answers to your questions, or to discover interesting facts about the data- It is that usage that will give you ideas on how to improve your visualization, and how to make it easier and more intuitive- Deliverables For your project deliverables, you will create a set of public web pages:- 1 page for the visualization itself: This should be a live, interactive version of the visualization you created- It is important that the visualization works in the Chrome web browser - this is the platform that we will be using for evaluating your work- - 1 documentation page that describes your work and documents the following:o Your design process: How did you go about designing the visualization???? What are some of the initial designs / ideas you attempted in the beginning???? A good way to document your design process is to scan your sketches and include them in the documentation page-o Rationale of your design choices: This should be a rigorous explanation of the design choices you made- For example, why did you use color to encode a particular variable???? Why did you arrange your charts in a particular way????o Describe how you used your visualizations to discover facts or answer questions you had- Include evidence to support your findings as screenshots from the visualization- - A 2-4 minutes YouTUbe video showing the use of your visualization with narration- This video should be embedded in your documentation page- The video should be created using a screen-capture tool while interacting with the visualization- A Here are a couple of good examples: Malt, and GPLOM Attachment:- Visualizing Information-rar

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