MPK732 – Marketing Management - Apply the fundamental

Unit Learning Outcome (ULO)

ULO 1: Evaluate the key concepts, models and theories upon which the practice of marketing is based: Blogging enables you to reflect on and appraise the "key concepts, models and theories" addressed in MPK732.

ULO 2: Apply the fundamental principles involved in managing marketing: Blogging requires you to apply the fundamental principles of marketing management to real-world marketing issues, as reported in the mass media and trade press. Thus, blogging enhances your ability to make connections between the principles addressed in MPK732 and the actions of organizations.

ULO 3: Analyze marketing problems and be capable of applying relevant concepts, models and theories to generate appropriate solutions: Blogging requires you to scan the mass media and trade press to match the concepts, models and theories addressed in the unit to the real-world marketing issue. You can solve problems using previously acquired knowledge.

ULO 4: Communicate an in-depth understanding of a range of issues, practices, models and phenomena in marketing: Blogging is a communication tool. It enables the building of content to share socially. In doing so, it exposes you to different viewpoints and commentaries on marketing.

Description / Requirements

Your Brief

A blog (abbreviated from "web log") is a website where people publish short items on a continuing basis (UNSW, 2014). A blog can have one author or many. Authors can embed hyperlinks, images, videos and podcasts in the content of a blog post, and can leave a section at the bottom of each post for readers' comments (UNSW, 2014).

For this assessment task, students (individually) contribute TWO (2) blog posts/entries of approximately 800 words each (excluding Reference List). Blogs outside this word limit range will reduce the assessed grade. Students can choose the topics on which they will blog from the following predetermined topics:

Blog 1: Blog 1 must relate to the first group of topics on marketing management foundations (Topic 2 - marketing strategy and plans or Topic 3 - consumer behavior)

Blog 2: Blog 2 must relate to the second group of topics pertaining to marketing mix management (Topic 8 - integrated marketing communications or Topic 9 - place/distribution).

This approach to topic selection is intended to expose you to greater application of the unit content.

Each blog post needs to relate relevant theory from the unit topic to a current marketing issue as reported in the mass media or trade press. For example, if your chosen topic was consumer behavior, then you might blog on David Jones' selection of Australian Football League (AFL) star, Adam Goodes, as its celebrity endorser.

The blog should be reflective and evaluative in nature, rather than purely descriptive or an opinion piece. The style of writing is conversational. You are also required to embed at least TWO links to relevant sources and ONE image in the content of each blog post. You are encouraged to use creative blog post titles and to make your content easily readable with the use of spacing, sub-headings, underlines, highlighting, et cetera.

Getting Started
Familiarise yourself with the unit topics two, three, eight and nine. Select TWO topics (ONE from each of the two groups of topics identified earlier) on which to blog.

Keep a look out in the mass media (e.g., Fairfax newspapers, News Limited Publications, ABC radio and television, etc.) and trade press (e.g., B&T, Mumbrella, AdNews, etc.) and academic journals (e.g. see Unit Guide, p.8) for relevant marketing issues pertaining to your chosen topics that you will blog on. Collect anything that you think may help to enrich your blog. You can always discard any irrelevant material later.

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