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Assignment Detail:- MPE707 International Banking and Finance - Deakin University Learning Outcome 1: Students will be able to explain the key features of the global financial market Learning Outcome 2: Students will be able to analyse the behaviour of the foreign exchange market movements Learning Outcome 3: Students will be able to use the functions available on the trading platform to perform the currency transactions Learning Outcome 4: Students will be able to understand and manage risk in the foreign exchange market Learning Outcome 5: Students will be able to address complex issues in the foreign exchange market Description:The assignment comprises of two parts: Part A involves speculation with virtual money on a real internet trading website- Part B includes a written report that involves a discussion of what drove the recent -in the months leading to -early- April 2022- developments of the exchange rates relevant to your transactions -Component 1- and the student's own decisions and experience of the trading game -Component 2-- -A- Internet trading game The Unit Team will provide each student with a free demo account with easyMarkets, an online foreign exchange trading firm- The url for easyMarkets- You will have access to many of the features on the website that actual traders receive, including real- time quotes, news and a variety of charts -though some features that are licensed from third parties are not available on demo accounts-- Each student will be given an account on this website with AUD 50,000 virtual money- The goal of the exercise is simple: to make as much money as possible- easyMarkets provides access to foreign exchange spot markets and forward markets in order for you to perform your speculative activities- The website has a ‘Learn Centre' tab, which contains information on the basics of forex trading- Please take the time to understand how the trading platform works before commencing your trading activities- All students will receive an email -from the Unit Team- that contains a username and password for an account on easyMarkets before the end of Week 4, 1 April 2022- On receiving this, please do not change the settings -i-e- please do not change the email and password on the account-- Please do not provide or add any information of personal nature to the account- It is highly recommended that you do not start trading straight away; rather, it would be very useful to spend some time reviewing the features on easyMarkets- The foreign exchange market reacts very rapidly to news, so it is important that you do make it a point to spend a few minutes every day keeping track of how economic variables impact the forex market- Also, it is recommended that you start working on Component 1 of Part B before you start trading: Conducting an analysis of recent changes in exchange rates would improve your awareness of exchange rate movements and hence would be useful for the trading exercises- Assessment:The speculative component of this assignment is marked out of 10- Grades are based on performance in trading, that is, the amount of money -denominated in AUD, which is automatically calculated by the platform- in the account when the assignment is submitted-There is a hurdle requirement to pass this component of the assignment: you must undertake at least 12 transactions -or trades- by the due date of the assignment using the demo account provided to you by the Unit Team- For the purpose of this assignment, a transaction is defined as entering into an open position and eventually closing it before submitting the assignment- So, for example, if you bought AUD 100,000 -against USD- on 10 April 2022 and closed this position on 13 April 2022, you would have completed one transaction- Any student who undertakes between 1 and 11 transactions by the assignment due date using the demo account provided by the unit team will receive a score of 3-5 out of 10- Any student who does not conduct any transaction by the assignment due date will receive 0 out of 10- In order to calculate the scores, accounts will be ranked on performance- The distribution of scores for those who satisfy the hurdle requirement -having completed 12 or more transactions- is shown in the table below: You will realise as you commence trading that the foreign exchange market is extremely volatile- Trading in this market is, therefore, a very risky proposition- The purpose of this trading game is not to make you a forex trader -though some of you may find that you have a talent for it-- Rather, it is meant to provide you with insights into the functioning of the foreign exchange market, which is best achieved by participating in it- -B- Report -30 points- 2,500 words maxThe word limit for the report is 2,500 words -excluding executive summary, tables, figures, footnote, appendix and references-- The report has two complementary components as follows- Component 1: Give a brief overview of the trading environment -i-e-, macroeconomic conditions- relevant to the chosen currency pairs in your trading game, including the main developments -and reasons behind them- in the months leading to -early- April 2022 of these exchange rates- Please focus on the fundamentals of the market and be sure to make references/citations to any sources of information you have gathered in the process-Component 2: Present an in-depth analysis of your transactions/trading performance-The report must start with a cover sheet -using the template posted on CloudDeakin-- On the cover sheet, please provide the information as requested -your last name, first name, and student ID; username and password for your trading account; the final account balance and the number of transactions undertaken for each instrument; the currencies traded; and the word count-- Your assignment will only be graded when all information required in the cover sheet are provided- Immediately after the cover sheet, please provide a half-page executive summary- The executive summary should show a brief discussion of your overall strategy, the financial instruments you have used, the number of transactions and currencies you have traded, and justify the total losses/profits on your account and whether or not you have undertaken any risk management activities- In the body of the report, please start by providing your answers for Component 1 and subsequently present your analysis of Component 2- In the analysis of Component 2, make sure you provide the reasons why you have chosen those currencies, and your plan/expectation for/from the trading activities- You do not need to explain every transaction; this would be virtually impossible given the word limit- Rather, your report should attempt to show how you have employed the understanding of the trading environment and theoretical tools studied in the unit in practical currency trading contexts- It should also highlight any research you have conducted on the foreign exchange market and the manner in which you have approached your trading activity, using specific transactions as examples- Finally, please discuss the use of risk management tools available on the easyMarkets platform during the trading period- Please note that any news items or documents -both printed and online- that helped you make your decisions should be carefully referenced and cited in the report-Please make sure you have carefully considered the marking rubrics during the trading game as well as report writing; marks for the report will be linked closely to these marking criteria- In an Appendix to the report, please the "Closed position information"- To obtain this statement, please follow the instructions, 1- Make sure all the positions are closed-2- In the main trading window of the easyMarkets platform, near the bottom right corner you will see two buttons: "Open" and "Closed"a- Choose the option "Closed"-b- Then, to the left of it you can see the transaction headings for: "EasyTrade", "Day Trading", "Forward Deals", "Pending Orders", "Vanilla Options" and "See All"-c- Select "See All"- There you are able to set the date from when you received your account up to the latest date, and show/download all of your closed positions in Excel- You will then need to append them to the report- Note: ONLY PART B Attachment:- International Banking and Finance-rar

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