Modern sentencing is often a balancing act between

Assignment Detail:- Overview This workbook entry is based on Modules 8, 10 and 11- You are required to choose only ONE question from the list below to address- This is to provide you with the freedom to choose one question that you want to focus on- To address your selected question, you are strongly advised to refer to the required readings for each module, located under the 'Essential Resources' folder on vUWS- The readings are also listed in the Learning Guide for your reference- Students are encouraged to develop a consistent and well-informed argument to address the selected question, to use reflective yet academic literacy when responding to this assessment task-explore and discuss this question below- Modern sentencing is often a balancing act between punishing an offender for their crime and rehabilitating them to prevent them committing further crimes- Which is more important and justify your answer using well informed knowledge -Module 8-- The purpose of this workbook entry is to assist you in progressively developing your understanding of key concepts, ideas and arguments presented in weekly modules and readings and to provide an opportunity for defining and applying these to a range of contemporary issues and debates- Learning Outcome 1: Understand the principles & purposes of punishment Learning Outcome 2: Recognise the range of sentencing options available in NSW Learning Outcome 3: Identify a range of factors that impact on Activity: Punishing the Three Drunks Three neighbours get drunk at a bar- Each takes the same route home but 15 minutes after the one before them-- The first drives home without incident except that a police officer happens to pull him over right next to his home on a random check and arrests him for drunk driving- Shortly after the first man is arrested, it begins to rain-- The second drives home but skids off the wet road during a sharp corner into a telephone pole where police find him and arrest him for drunk driving-- The third drives home and skids at the same wet sharp corner but due to bad luck or timing hits a family of four head on, who are killed- The third man is arrested for drunk driving -and four counts of manslaughter-- You, a retributionist, are assigned to determine the deserved punishments for each of the men- Each of the three intended to drive home drunk, but due to rain and bad timing the results of each drunk driving attempt varied widely-

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