Mock job application that includes the elements - find a

Assignment Detail:- TASK The following task enables you the opportunity to simulate the job application process- You should submit -via Turnitin- a mock job application that includes the elements discussed below- Firstly, you need to select a ‘job' you would like to apply for- This should match your current career phase and the conclusions you reached in assignment 1 and/or working towards in your placement- You need to find a job that is reasonably current and has sufficient information, and preferably job specifications or stated selection criteria, to enable you to discuss your suitability for the position -to simulate a real job application scenario-- There is no requirement that you consider or provide a job that you actually wish or intend to apply for- Your submission should include: A copy of the job you are applying for as part of your submission- -This cannot be a link to the advert-Cover letter: A covering letter introducing yourself to the potential employer-Resume: Your resume tailored to the position-as you would submit it for this job--Job Selection Criteria: A statement showing how you meet the job selection criteria -essential and desired--Referees: A short statement explaining who your referees are and why you have chosen them for this position -while you would not usually do this for a job application it is required in this assignment as an assessment of your consideration of referee selection-- PRESENTATIONYour assignment should consist of the following elements: Title pageA copy the job you are applying for Cover letterResumeJob selection criteria Referees Review the rules regarding plagiarism and if you are not sure contact your lecturer or an Academic Skills Advisor for advice- There is no excuse for presenting the work of others as your own; this includes cutting and pasting material from the internet without properly referencing the source- To have your report reviewed by an Academic Skills Advisor, send your draft Word document- Use only APA7 reference Attachment:- Application process-rar

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