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Assignment Detail:- MN621 Advanced Network Design - Melbourne Institute of Technology Network analysis and recommendations Learning Outcome 1: Analyse the need for advanced networks, standards and network solutions; Learning Outcome 2: Investigate suitable network designs to match requirements; Learning Outcome 3: Apply concepts and theories of human factors as related to network design and implementation; Learning Outcome 4: Evaluate performance metrics and dimensions according to specifications- Case study scenario: Use the uploaded case study entitled "TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage to Al Hayat Hotel Apartments in Sharjah"- Project scope: Write project scope herewith- Report requirements: The report should have a comparative analysis of all group members' network design and implementation both wired and wireless- It is recommended that bullet points are included whenever necessary- Part 1- Project Scope and requirements• Write a summary of your contribution to the report -for example, each members' network design contribution--• For example, a group with four members will have four separate network designs- Students should give their names in their individual designs- Part 2- Network design analysis• Write the advantages and disadvantages of each network design- Include concepts of the human factor in your analysis of each network design- Part 3- Network performance• Write network performance factors that can be considered for all team members' network design-• Write performance analysis table for each network design-• Compare and contrast- Part 4- Innovative ideas• Write innovative ideas on how can you improve performance as one solution by combining the advantages of all network solutions-• Consider future trends in networking such as SDN, 5G, 4D Network, Open Network Switches, cloud, IPv6, Multi-Band Routers, Artificial Intelligence -AI- applications, etc- Part 5- Demonstration of the design• Work progression record and consultation on weeks 10 by the lab tutor-• Demonstration will be in Week 11 lab class-• Demonstration format -at least 3 viva voce questions related to the design, not more than 5 - 7 mins-- Attachment:- Network analysis and recommendations-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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